Jordan Ahli Bank launches its green business package for SMEs

In a groundbreaking move that showcases its dedication to environmental conservation, Jordan Ahli Bank has introduced a pioneering initiative as part of its ongoing journey towards a greener future. The bank has unveiled a fresh campaign targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), underscoring its commitment to sustainable practices. The primary objective of this campaign is to offer sustainable banking options that contribute to the development of an eco-friendly and sustainable tomorrow, accomplished through a range of green business packages.

The campaign underscores the bank’s steadfast support for SMEs, manifested through specialized business packages that are primarily centered around innovative green loan offerings. These loans have been specifically devised to provide the necessary financial resources for projects aimed at adopting environmentally conscious practices. By doing so, these initiatives play a crucial role in enhancing public awareness about the pressing need to address emerging environmental challenges. This, in turn, positively impacts businesses by optimizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, augmenting revenues and profits, and bolstering investor confidence.

The suite of green business packages encompasses both green current accounts and green commercial facilities, each designed to facilitate the transition of enterprises towards environmentally responsible operations. Tailored loans are instrumental in funding a variety of activities including agreements, contracts, supply chains, installation, and sales of various eco-friendly tools. Moreover, these packages offer vital funding for the transformation of buildings and assets into green entities, incorporating solutions like energy efficiency measures, renewable energy sources, waste management systems, heating and cooling technologies, insulation enhancements, resource recycling initiatives, and diverse tools geared towards curbing carbon emissions.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Hussein, the CEO/General Manager of Jordan Ahli Bank, emphasized the bank’s role as a frontrunner in embracing sustainable practices for the betterment of the environment and society at large. The bank is unwavering in its commitment to ensure the well-being of present and future generations by providing forward-thinking financial solutions aligned with the needs and ambitions of its clientele, all within the framework of sustainability. These innovative solutions are made accessible through the bank’s extensive branch network, specialized business centers catering to SMEs, and a variety of electronic channels.


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