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Environmental and Social Responsibility

Jordan Ahli Bank is committed to maintaining its status as a “socially responsible bank”, through its well-established corporate environmental  & social responsibility strategy that focuses on supporting national efforts to address social challenges affecting large segments of society by launching and sponsoring various community initiatives, that are in line with our eight pillars of work, namely: community empowerment, particularly women’s empowerment, poverty and unemployment, health, environment and climate change, education and financial inclusion, art and culture, social innovation and creativity, and volunteering, through which the bank is supporting the national development objectives of the Kingdom of Jordan, addressing the social, environmental, and economic needs in society, ultimately contributing to achieve the sustainable development goals. Moving forward, we look forward to expanding the scope of our initiatives and maximizing the number of beneficiaries.

Accordingly, our most prominent achievements during 2023 were the following:

 Jordan Ahli Bank was awarded the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Bank in the Arab World for 2023” by Arabia CSR awards. The bank secured the first place in the financial services category. This recognition was given in acknowledgment of our commitment to achieving institutional sustainability and our efforts in promoting sustainable development.

To ensure the incorporation and integration of environmental protection, social responsibility, and responsible governance standards across the bank, we launched the “Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Ambassadors” program. Ambassadors represent different bank departments and have various responsibilities, including raising awareness about sustainability policies, ensuring their implementation, collaborating with the Sustainability and ESG department to integrate the standards into daily bank operations and decision-making processes, and participating in the implementation of sustainable projects and action plans of relevant departments. They also provide continuous feedback to enhance the bank’s sustainable practices.

Emphasizing the importance of gender equality and women empowerment in the workplace, market, and society, the bank signed the “United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles” document. This commitment aligns with the UN Women and UN Global Compact and aims to achieve gender equality, equal opportunities, and a comprehensive environment to empower women, allowing them to hold leadership positions and make decisions in support of community development.

The bank joined the Jordan Green Building Council as a platinum member, with the goal of promoting and enabling sustainable building environments, especially concerning resources and their role in addressing climate change. This includes adopting the concept of the circular economy, designed to reduce waste, pollution, and emissions, while extending the lifecycle of products, resources, and energy.

The bank has issued its fifth sustainability report for the year 2022, prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, in both Arabic and English. The report highlights the bank’s performance in 2022, reflecting its ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance standards into its activities and operations. It assesses our impact on the environment, society, and economic development. This reflects our commitment to transparency, stakeholders engagement, and building strong relationships to understand their priorities, identify their needs and meet their expectations.

The bank continues its active role in empowering the community and achieving social solidarity. It promotes the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusivity among community members and instills values of giving and awareness of the importance of making positive differences in the lives of many.

The bank has participated in a range of initiatives and activities aimed at providing support and assistance to needy families and combating poverty and unemployment in Jordan. This is achieved through the utilization of various programs that empower them to become self-reliant, improving their challenging living conditions, and contributing to providing employment opportunities for young people through purposeful programs.

Several effective initiatives and contributions have been made to support health awareness and education campaigns, as well as to activate sustainable health initiatives to ensure the well-being of the community and meet their healthcare needs. These efforts have a significant impact on enhancing the healthcare system in the Kingdom, through collaboration with numerous non-profit organizations.

Based on our belief in conducting our operations, services, and activities with conscious responsibility, using technology to help reduce our impact on the environment, and through our community investments, we have fully realized the importance of protecting the environment and all its sources, preserving the environment, addressing the challenges resulting from climate change, and providing banking solutions and projects that enhance environmental sustainability and protect resources.

We have built partnerships with educational institutions to meet the renewed education requirements and enhance financial education among clients, youth and school students, with the aim of improving their skills and knowledge regarding financial planning and management and improving educational outcomes, especially in light of the growing challenges.

We support numerous programs that encourage innovation, scientific research, and entrepreneurship across various sectors. Additionally, we collaborate with several schools and universities by offering advanced technology and artificial intelligence courses. We also promote projects and startups focused on development across various sectors through technology.

We are committed to supporting initiatives that promote conscious art and culture in Jordan, recognizing their significant positive impact on personal development, community awareness, and empowerment.

We consistently encourage our employees to engage in initiatives coordinated by the bank’s Sustainability and ESG Department. Volunteering serves to develop the skills of our employees, increase their awareness and social responsibility, and contribute to achieving the bank’s goals and sustainable development. 

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