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Sustainability and ESG Strategy and Framework

Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG):

We are committed to preserving our position and our concern for sustainable development issues that are based on maintaining a high environmental performance, distinctive social responsibility, and our commitment to corporate governance. We aim to enhance long-term sustainable investment, develop disclosure, and engage in developing sustainability and ESG issues.  We firmly believe in our responsibility to set an exemplary precedent through our top-notch products, services, and our unwavering dedication to holistic and sustainable economic development.

We recognize that adopting business practices that address environmental, social, and governance issues within the framework of shared prosperity with stakeholders (customers, shareholders, suppliers and partners, the community and the environment, employees, and regulators), particularly through our financial activities, makes a significant contribution to society. Moreover, following a proactive approach to sustainability not only enhances ahli banks’ resilience but also fosters sustainable financial performance.

Ahli Banks’ Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy and Framework:

The sustainability strategy is an integral part of ahli bank’s overall strategy, vision, and core values, meeting the aspirations and expectations of all stakeholders. The bank has updated its approach in sustainability and its commitment to conserving the environment, social responsibility, and governance according to the best global and international standards and practices with the aim of achieving the sustainable development goals.

 This is achieved through the following key pillars:

  • Environmental Sustainability: This pillar focuses on conserving the environment by reducing the environmental impact of our operations and practices. We do this by utilizing alternative energy sources, reducing natural resource depletion, and minimizing paper consumption through process automation. We aim to provide environmentally friendly banking solutions for individuals, institutions, and environmentally focused companies.
  • Social Sustainability: This approach revolves around uplifting the local community and developing our social responsibility to achieve increasing developmental impact. We do this by meeting the aspirations of all stakeholders, including improving customer experience and satisfaction, developing, and enhancing employees’ capabilities while considering their health and safety, empowering and supporting our communities through diverse development initiatives, and supporting local partners and suppliers.
  • Responsible Governance and its Sustainability: ahli bank is committed to integrating and managing environmental, social, and governance issues within the governance framework and key governance principles of the bank. This guarantees sustainability and promotes responsible and sustainable practices throughout the bank’s operations and institutional decision-making processes.

These pillars lead to three sub-pillars:

  • Sustainable and Responsible Finance, which is one of the most significant areas of growth in the banking sector. It aims to finance projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on society and the environment.
  • Sustainable Operations, which involves adopting responsible procurement practices and sustainable supply chains, achieving fairness and equality for all our workforce.
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility, where purposeful initiatives are undertaken to provide social and economic development in the context of eight focus areas: community empowerment, particularly women’s empowerment, poverty and unemployment, health, environment and climate change, education and financial inclusion, art and culture, social innovation and creativity, and volunteering.


Moving forward in our Sustainability Journey:

The bank looks forward to a significant progress in the various fields of sustainability. We will focus on environmental protection by promoting the use of renewable energy and the development of clean technologies. We will also work on reducing emissions resulting from our operations and activities in line with environmental standards. In the social context, we will strive to promote the principle of equality and empower women within the bank, the job market, and society. We aim to provide opportunities for women to pursue leadership positions. We are also committed to empowering the local community through sustainable education and training to achieve financial inclusion and comprehensive development.

In the realm of governance, we will build effective monitoring and evaluation systems, enhance transparency in decision-making, and leverage innovation and technology to improve efficiency and performance. We aim to transform our banking products and services into innovative digital solutions and automate our processes to provide sustainable, innovative, and digital services.

We will also provide a comprehensive responsible and sustainable financing framework that addresses environmental and social challenges through a diverse range of banking services and products that promote sustainable development and social justice for all segments of society and green financing, with the goal of achieving financial prosperity for all stakeholders. We will also commit to responsible procurement practices and sustainable supply chains. We are building a future that reflects our commitment to sustainability in all aspects.

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