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Financing Solutions Programs

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Financing Solutions Programs

My Finance Program

With My Finance Program, you can obtain instant fluidity through either a revolving or a reducing loan to cover your company’s needs, such as buying inventory, financing sales, projects, contracts, agreements, as well as the possibility of covering other business expenses. This program facilitates managing your cash flows efficiently by offering the fluidity needed to cover your company’s financing gap, flexibility in reimbursement, competitive interest rates, and financing up to 100%, in addition to several other financing purposes.

*My finance program contains many types of facilities such as:

1.Revolving / reducing loan for financing purchases (through Invoices, LCs, Bills for collection, transfers)

2.Revolving / reducing loan for financing deferred sales.

3.Revolving / reducing loan for financing contracts and projects.

4.Overdraft facility.


My Property Program

Jordan Ahli Bank grows with you in every step of your journey, starting establishment of the business until achieving your business goals. We offer the cash flow you need to finance acquiring the building of your factory. in addition to acquiring commercial building, plus providing ability  to expand or repair the location.

My Property Program will help you fulfill your business objectives through many features and benefits it provides, such as competitive interest rates, financing up to 80%, up-to-7-year repayment period.


My Project Program

Expand your business and unleash your aspirations with My Project Program, which offers the liquidity you need to grow your business through financing your movable assets, such as vehicles, tools, equipment, and different transportation means. It also covers renewable energy solutions to minimize your energy spending, whereby you can install the devices on the roof, nearby land, car parking, to enhance efficiency and save more.

My Project Program will help you achieve your objectives through many features it offers, such as competitive interest rates, financing up to 100%, up-to-7-year repayment period.


Energizing SME’s Loan

If you are a merchant who uses point of sales machines, you can now boost your business and finance your sales done through these machines by getting a loan that grants you the needed liquidity.

Apply now to “Energizing SME’s Loan” to get many benefits with us including:

  • Flexibility in terms and conditions
  • Utilized to finance your company’s needs like purchases and expenses.
  • Loan amount reaches fourty thousand JOD, or a predefined percentage of your company’s sales
  • Flexibility to top up the loan amount or renew it after settlement.
  • Grace period defined upon the company’s cash flows.
  • Settlement of the balance done through the proceeds of sale transactions


Central Bank Loans Programs

We are pleased to co-operate with central bank and provide you with the needed facilities through Central Bank Loan Programs at reasonable rates and flexible repayment periods that meet your needs and expectations, this loan targets many sectors, such as tourism, agriculture, industry, information technology, consulting engineering, and clean and renewable energy as well as transportation, education and health sectors.


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