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Syndicated Loan – Advanced financial solutions

ahli bank’s advanced financial solutions enable you to develop and expand your investments

With our Syndicated Loan Facility.

Managing the loan by a sole bank with reputable experience on a national and international level.

Syndicated Loan Explained

Arranging a relatively large loan  by several banks to fund a single borrower

And is usually managed by a lead bank.

They can be granted for funding the buying of assets as well as expanding investments.

Uses of Syndicated Loan Facility

When your investments require large amounts of liquidity that cannot be covered by a sole bank.

ahli Bank will be your partner in success.

The Bank will represent the borrowing party if it has excellent management and a strong commercial and financial position in any business sector.

It is the ideal way of funding for such business ventures.

Syndicated Loan Facility Features

It have proven to promote businesses in the local and international markets.

And is an excellent chance to establish a banking network that involves several financial institutions rather than dealing with conventional loans that rely on a sole bank.

It also saves time and effort as the management of the loan will be by a lead bank.

Following are key features of the Syndicated Loan:

  • Access amounts of financial liquidity.
  • Also, Gaining financial experience by dealing with several financial institutions.
  • In addition to your ties with strong financial institutions that will reinforce your position in financial markets.
  • Finally acquiring a Syndicated Loan is an indication of a good financial position, which in turn strengthens your company’s reputation and credibility.


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