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Customer Complaints – Provide us with your complaint

You can listen to this article by using any hearing aid tool

Customer Complaints – Provide us with your complaint

In order to provide the highest levels of service to the customers of Ahli bank and ensure their satisfaction, we would like to inform you that in case you are not satisfied with any of our services or products, you can file a complaint through any of the following channels:
  • Going to contact us page
  • Directly calling the  Customer Complaints Unit during  official working hours (8:30 am to 3:00 pm) number 06-5656300
  • Directly calling the  Contact Center (Outside the official working hours on the number 06-5007777)
  • Customer Complaints Unit Email  complaints@ahli.com
  • Regular  mail  P.O.Box  3103 postal code 11181 Amman – Jordan
  • Personally visit the Customer Complaints Unit at Head office  Building – Shmeisani during official working hours
The bank provides a special independent unit for receiving and dealing with customers complaints as it handles and answers the complaining customer within 10 working days since the day of receiving the complaint, subject to extension up to a maximum of 30 working days from the receipt of the complaint, clarifying to the complaining customer the reasons for the extension

You may submit complaints to the central bank  or through seeking judiciary authority in the following cases:

  • You were not contacted  within 10 working days of the complaint receipt and the receipt of all necessary documents
  • We refused to receive your complaint
  • If our response to your complaint was unconvincing

Ways of submitting complaints to  the Central Bank of Jordan

  • website of the Central Bank of Jordan  info@cbj.gov.jo
  • Email of Central Bank of Jordan  fcp@cbj.gov.jo
  • Visit the Central Bank of Jordan head office in Amman or any of its branches in Irbid and Aqaba
Main Center:
  • P.O. Box: 37 Amman – 11118 Jordan
  • Phone: 06-4630301 6 , Fax: 06-4638889
  • Telex: 21250, 21476, SWIFT Code: CBJOJOAX
Irbid Branch:
  • P.O. Box: 235 Irbid – Jordan
  • Phone: 02-7245001 ,  Fax: 02-7245006
  • Telex: 51562, SWIFT Code: CBJOJOAX021
Aqaba Branch:
  • P.O. Box: 190 Aqaba – Jordan
  • Phone: 03-2013526 , Fax: 03-2013528
  • Telex: 62341, SWIFT Code: CBJOJOAX02A

We will not be able to receive and deal with complaints that fall under the following categories :

  • Complaints related to lawsuit being litigated or previously decided by competent court
  • Complaints related to labor laws or association laws .
  • Complaints with missing information such as complainant name and contact details
  • Complaints related to issues of combating money laundering and terrorist financing operations
  • Complaints that contain obvious abuse and/or words that include (defamation, threats, profanity …)
  • Customer inquiries and suggestions

We assure you of our constant keenness to provide the best services

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