trade finance solutions

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Trade Finance Solutions

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Trade Finance Solutions

Our SMEs sector provides you with various trade finance solutions which include:

Bank Guarantees

When you start implementing a project or a bid, you may need a written commitment issued by the bank. This is to guarantee the fulfillment of specific financial obligations. Or for the delivery of the project’s goals with a specific term and purpose as well.

Moreover, if you are a contractor or a business owner then don’t hesitate to apply to our guarantees programs:

  • payment
  • bidding
  • performance
  • and maintenance guarantees

As a result, this will ensure you have your transactions made accurately and quickly, and with the ability of financing projects through “My Finance Program”.

Import and Export Documentary Credits

We aim to help you run your business smoothly. This is through having an expert team specialized in providing financial solutions regarding documentary credits. And ensuring accurate, quality implementation of your transactions. Whereby the bank will issue a financial commitment upon your request to guarantee the payment of the imported goods to the exporter. With the possibility of financing these letters of credits through “My Finance Program”.

In addition to this, to ease your business, we offer you services of advising, confirming or transferring the letter of credit. This is to make sure that you have your transactions made accurately and swiftly. In addition to the possibility of discounting letter of credit through a special financing program.

Inward and Outward Collection Bills

We offer you our unique services covering bills for collection for your imports and exports. This is through a network of correspondent banks located in most countries around the world at competitive rates.

You can apply for any of our trade finance solutions here:

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