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ahli Microfinance – Get access to credit for smaller businesses

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ahli Microfinance – Get access to credit for smaller businesses

Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC) is one of ahli Bank’s subsidiaries which was established in July 1999. Derived from the sharp vision of ahli Bank management and their firm belief of the importance of supporting the national economic activities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And promoting all aspects of development process.

Ahli Microfinance Company AMC is the first microfinance company in the private sector in Jordan. AMC was found in line with ahli Bank’s efforts in encouraging the economic development in Jordan for more financial inclusion of operating sectors, especially small and micro businesses. Actively maintaining the significant role in boosting the Jordanian market on both financial and social levels, where access to credit for smaller sectors and businesses is challenging. Due to insufficiency of guarantees needed by banks and financial institutions to be considered as eligible for credit facilities or loans.

AMC is the fruitful result of performing a great study by ahli Bank in cooperation with a USAID funded program “AMIR” (Achievement of Market-Friendly Initiatives and Results). Assessing the idea of creating a financial institution that offers credit to small businesses, supporting the march towards economic development. Unlike traditional banks or financial institutions, to be able to provide them with tailored credit services with suitable or even no requirements in terms of guarantees. Replacing such requirements with a financial analysis and feasibility study for each business in compliance with international policies, guidelines and best practices.

AMC utilizes efforts and newest technologies, taking into account the characteristics of the community where it operates, proactively updates its services upon proper and constant communication with clients and fulfilling their needs.

AMC has distributed since establishment, up to JOD 98 Million worth of loans for 108 thousands local small businesses’ clients, As part of the ambitious plan in expanding its outreach, via launching more braches covering new regions and reaching a wider client base.

Internally, AMC is building the capacity of staff in a constant manner, through diverse training programs keeping a fast pace of latest techniques of modern management for more client centric services in addition to holding social activities for its staff, to enhance loyalty and promote job security to improve performance.

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