Commercial loans

Commercial Loans – Covering your business sector needs

Financing working capital needs, covering your commercial, investment, and industrial requirements.

ahli bank offers the business sector Commercial Loans that can cover your needs and give you access to immediate financing for purchase goods, project, or Letters of Credit for import/export.


  • Firstly, short or mid-term loans that can be renewable to finance your company’s working capital.
  • Secondly, an option of borrowing in Jordanian Dinar or any other major currency according to certain standards and regulations.
  • Also, the loan covers financing commercial, investment, or industrial needs.
  • In addition to this, ahli bank lends you in various ways to cover your commercial needs; such as funding, purchasing, sales, Letters of Credit, equipment, or other needs.
  • Moreover, there is a competitive interest rate, commission fees, and speedy processing.
  • Finally, the bank can include the loan within the Central Bank of Jordan’s Programs with promotional interest rates.


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