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To fulfill your requirements and desires, we present our latest car financing program designed to support your purchase of either a brand-new or pre-owned vehicle. Our program provides a loan option with an attractive interest rate and a repayment schedule that offers flexibility.

The loan features depend on the car category and the borrower’s source of income (business segment) and are listed as follows:


  • Category A: This includes preowned cars as well as certified dealer cars, where the duration since their manufacturing does not exceed 3 upon granting. (Does not include cars manufactured in China)
  • Category B: This includes all car types, where the duration since their manufacturing does not exceed 3-7 years upon granting. (Does not include cars manufactured in China)
  • Category C: All Chinese cars and vehicles are required to have zero mileage on the odometer, ensuring that the age of the vehicle at the time of granting is more than 7 years.

Source of income


  • Individuals with regular income

Employment Period: 3 months, subject to recruitment
Minimum Salary: 400JDs
Loan Duration: 7yrs, except for Type C – 6yrs

Financing Ratio
  • Professionals & expats
  • Expats with salaries transferred from accredited agencies
    – Employment Period: 12 months
    – Minimum Salary: 1000 JDs
    – Loan Duration: 6yrs
Financing Ratio
  • Free entry clients
    Employment Period: 12 months
    Minimum Salary: 750 JDs
    Loan Duration: 6yrs
Financing Ratio

General terms and conditions:

  • Flat rate interest rate starting from 4.25%.
  • The borrower must be at least 21 years old when the loan is approved, and their age should not exceed 75 years by the time the loan reaches its maturity.
  • Life insurance is granted within the bank’s policy.
  • Mortgage fees shall be on the account of the bank.
  • The debt ratio follows the guidelines outlined in the policy.
  • A pre-approved credit card is issued based on the characteristics and terms of the cards, in return for a car loan equivalent to 10% of the car’s worth, capped at a maximum limit of 5,000 dinars.
  • The program excludes certain vehicles, namely tourist cars, driving lesson cars, public cars, airport taxis, and travel vehicles.
  • Customers who meet the program’s requirements have the opportunity to obtain a loan, and the vehicle can be registered under the name of a non-employed person (such as a son, wife, father, mother, brother, or sister), with the non-employed individual acting as an additional guarantor for the loan.
  • If the car is obtained directly from the dealer or is a newly certified car, there is no requirement to evaluate its value through an approved appraiser. Instead, the bank should be provided with a price quotation exclusively.
  • If the customer’s debt ratio permits, it is possible to finance more than one car for a single customer. The maximum number of car loans allowed is two, but for exclusive customers, up to three car loans can be granted.
  • The minimum loan amount is 5000 dinars.
  • The maximum loan amount is 100,000 dinars for new cars and 75,000 dinars for used cars.
  • The minimum repayment period is 12 months.
  • The age of the car must not exceed 15 years by the end of the loan repayment period.
  • In the event of financing an electric car, the value of the electric bill on behalf of the customer is paid at a value of 25 dinars per month for a year.
  • In the event of financing a hybrid car, the customer will be given a petrol voucher of 100 dinars for one time.
  • The customer is granted an additional 5% on the debt burden for electric cars only, in the event that it is proved that the reason for financing is the replacement of the current car with “gasoline”.
  • Salary transfer is not required for car loans within a certain salary segment.
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