World-class Banking Services – Cash Management

World-class Banking Services – Cash Management

World-class Banking Services

Get our expert advisory today by choosing our world-class banking services.

Ability to provide clients with services as well as advisory on local and global interest rate trends.

Offering the best prices on cash deposits through our connections and presence in the local and international financial markets.

Capital Markets

We offer a wide selection of capital market products, which include Fixed Income products such as government or corporate bonds, in addition to equities worldwide.

As well as, dealing in financial derivatives of currencies, equities, commodities, and precious metals.

Foreign Exchange Markets

Our team of experts provides our clients with the best services in currency trading on margin and cash basis at very competitive rates.

At ahli bank we fully understand the needs of individuals and companies’ finances, whether they are currency trading or hedging.

Brokerage Services

Providing investors with a platform for marketable securities in the local and global markets.

In addition to our licensed Custody services.

Futures Contracts and Options Trading Services

Our personnel is equipped with all the essential techniques necessary for market analysis.

They will assist you in implementing suitable hedging strategies that may be necessary to prevent the fluctuation of your investments in the markets.

As well as engaging in the markets on marginal and cash basis for foreign currencies, precious metals, commodities, and equities.

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