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About us – Over 60 years of Banking Experience

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About us – Over 60 years of Banking Experience

ahli bank has a significant local, regional, and international presence and a banking experience of over 60 years

We aim to achieve the highest growing returns, ensure a stable , productive and professional career, in addition to providing new banking products on a large scale with excellent services and moderate competitive rates services that we offer you professionally in complete and utter privacy and discretion

About us

With a rich national heritage and identity, Jordan Ahli Bank is one of the Kingdom’s leading banking institutions.

Founded in 1955 as East Jordan’s first national bank, the bank played a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of the country’s financial sector, employing its ambitious vision to drive the banking industry forward.

Jordan Ahli Bank has always strived to serve as a role model for other banks, leading by example through high-quality products and services and a commitment to comprehensive and sustainable economic development.

To achieve its vision, the bank has been working since the beginning to develop strategies and action plans that promote sustainable growth, while still keeping pace with the rapid developments happening in Jordan and throughout the world.

Jordan Ahli Bank’s ability to adapt fluidly and implement successful changes from within has enabled the company to occupy a leading position in the local banking industry.

The bank caters to numerous segments of the market, meeting a diverse range of banking needs and requirements through a wide array of specialized products and services.

Along with its focus on offering services that deliver added value and efficiency, Jordan Ahli Bank is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer care and satisfaction.

This dedicated customer focus and commitment to exceptional service is at the very core of the bank’s identity, and the most important tenet of its company culture.

Within this framework, Jordan Ahli Bank strives to embody the values of “Excellence and Specialization,” which apply to all the offered services and products, in addition to the values of “Creativity and Innovation,” which drive the company’s strategy of adapting and growing to meet the changing needs of clients.

Just as it seeks to achieve the satisfaction of all its customers, ahli Bank strives to achieve the satisfaction of all its employees, and is committed to developing and empowering its staff.

The bank conducts numerous programs designed to strengthen the capacities of its employees and places great importance on empowering women in the workplace. Likewise, the bank is eager to help elevate the capacities of the local labor force, providing opportunities for special needs individuals and creating sustainable job opportunities in the market.

Along with its new motto, “for 60 years, together, one Ahli Bank Family” Ahli Bank has adopted a number of corporate policies and behaviors in an effort to create a positive impact in everything it does.

The bank was the first in the market to integrate environmental considerations into its work environment, employing environmentally conscious resource management in all of its operations.

Over the years, ahli Bank has continuously enhanced its products and services, improving efficiency, advancing its technological capabilities, updating its institutional infrastructure, and expanding its presence.

The bank now boasts a total of 50 branches and offices and 122 ATMs across Jordan and Palestine, as well as a regional presence in Cyprus.

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