My Green Project Program

Expand your eco-friendly project to shape a sustainable future.

Take your business to the next level with My Green Project Program, offering you the financing you need to purchase business assets that are environmental friendly which reflects positively on the company’s competitive performance locally and globally, and reflects positively on profits, revenues and efficiency of assets, in addition to maximizing the market share and reputation of the company and reducing expenses!

 This program provides various financing solutions for environmentally friendly movable and movable assets such as cars, production lines, tools, equipment, and various energy generation solutions, such as water, wind, and solar energy, in addition of solutions for saving electricity like cooling, heating and air conditioning equipment’s. And financing recycling solutions, and various smart saving and recycling tools for your business.

And because we are keen to provide sustainable solutions at all levels, we also provide you within this program with facilities that contribute to financing tools that reduce paper consumption and contribute to the technological and digital transformation of your company! We also provide solutions to finance tools of safety for your employees and other related safety devices such as fire systems to reach the sustainability at all levels!

My Green Project Program offers a range of benefits:

  • Projects financing for various SME sectors.
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Financing that suits your needs
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Loan duration of up to 60 months and a grace period of up to 12 months
  • Access to various preferential rates on the bank’s commissions and fees.
  • Access to SME advisory services
  • The grace period of the loan granted for the client while financing \ building fixed assets for the purpose of utilizing them in the business and generating cash flows after their operation/construction.
  • For the new established companies: The grace period is granted for the principal and interest of the loan for the purpose of enable the client to establish the business and until cash flows are generated from the activity.
  • For the Established businesses and expansion activities, interest is paid during the grace period while the business can service the debt, and It is possible to study granting a grace period for the instalments in a way that matches the cash flows of the business.
  • In all cases, the study of the customer and the business will be according to the credit practices approved by the bank. 

 *Jordan Ahli Bank terms and conditions apply.

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