Ahli Bank opens its newest branch in Al-Abdali – Boulevard

Abdali Branch

The newest branch of Ahli Bank at Al-Abdali / Boulevard was inaugurated by Mr. Saad Mouasher; Chairman of Ahli Bank with the attendance of the Board of Directors. In addition to the CEO / General Manager of the Bank; Mr. Mohammed Mousa Dawoud,  and Ms. Lina Al Bakhit; Business Sector Director, and Mr. Zaid Al-Khatib; Consumer Banking Services Director.

The new branch serves as an innovative business model to enrich the customer banking experience. A branch that is the center for all segments of the society to be able to directly communicate with experts and consultants in order to have all their banking needs met. The client is taken into a comprehensive and first-of-its-kind banking journey in the Jordanian and regional banking sector.

The client’s journey starts from the eService Zone. This includes an interactive ATM as well as an ATM serving customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The customer then moves to the Product Display Zone; it is an integrated area where various products are displayed to all visitors in collaboration with the Bank’s strategic partners.

The journey continues when the client moves to the Treasury Zone. This has been redesigned by Ahli Bank to make all their banking operations and transactions as modern and smooth as possible.

The client then moves to the Area of Advisors. These advisors lend all visitors help and advice on all matters related to their living and banking needs and raise awareness about the products and services provided by the bank.

The visitor ends this unique journey inside the new branch in the Community Zone where the Bank hosts visitors from different segments of the community, whether clients or not.

What makes the new branch special is the Community Zone; the bank organizes a monthly schedule for workshops and events including, but not limited to the importance of personal budgeting, savings and the importance of financial planning and more. These will help the individuals unleash their ideas and motivate them to improve, create and lead. Moreover, it plays a great role in educating them financially as part of the Bank’s vision about the shared prosperity and value aiming to create common value to bring together all stakeholders. It also improves the youth’s role and increases the effectiveness of institutional activities to ensure financial inclusion.

The CEO / General Manager of Ahli Bank, Mohammad Mousa Dawoud commented that the opening of Al-Abdali branch come in line with the launch of the new corporate identity. This aims at repositioning the bank as the one-for-all leading bank serving with the most advanced solutions. It is worth noting, that Ahli Bank serves its clients through 53 branches across the Kingdom, a network of 109 ATMs in addition to its network of business centers.

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