الخدمات المساندة للشركات

SME Support Services

Salary Transfer

You can transfer the salaries of your employees to their ahli Bank accounts easily, where you and your employees can benefit from a wide range of products including saving accounts and time deposits.

With the possibility to apply for personal and housing loans, as well as other banking services that cater to their needs.

Money Transfer Service

We present to you a network of branches across the Kingdom’s governates, along with a qualified staff ready to serve you and help you complete your bank transfer transactions securely and privately, and at special rates. We also guarantee accurate and fast money transfers to meet all your needs.

Electronic Payment Gateway

If you want to market your products in Jordan and abroad via the internet safely, the Electronic Payment Gateway service from ahli Bank allows you to accept all kinds of electronic payments such as Visa and MasterCard, to expand your business and investment.

Payments are periodically settled in major currencies and local international transactions are accepted.


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