Jordan Ahli Bank becomes the first bank in the Middle East to integrate artificial intelligence in customer service with “ahliGPT” system

In a pioneering step, Jordan Ahli Bank launched its new artificial intelligence system “ahliGPT”, becoming the first bank in the Middle East to embrace artificial intelligence in its customer service. This reflects the bank’s vision in integrating AI into its operations and improving the quality of provided services. “ahliGPT” provides customers with the opportunity to get quick and accurate answers to their queries and problems related to banking and financial services, saving time and effort for both, employees, and customers.

Moreover, Jordan Ahli Bank continues their efforts to enhance its operations within the areas of financial technology, as it seeks to improve the experience of its customers by adopting the latest technology and smart innovations, and focuses on enhancing the capabilities of its employees and training them to deal with this new technology to ensure the continuity of providing high-quality services and keep pace with the rapid developments in the world of artificial intelligence and financial technology. Additionally, the bank is working to improve the privacy of customers by implementing the latest security standards in the use of AI technologies that will ensure the protection of customer information and transaction details.

Furthermore, Jordan Ahli Bank’s adoption of artificial intelligence technologies in customer service is an important step towards strengthening its position as a leading bank in the region and confirms its commitment to providing modern banking innovations and solutions that exceed customer expectations, and this initiative will reflect positively on the development of the financial services sector in the Middle East and enhance the bank’s ability to compete in a growing and developed market. It also marks an important turning point for the bank in its quest to lead in providing innovative and cutting-edge financial services, making it an inspiring model for banks and other financial institutions in the region to adopt modern technology and improve customer experience. The financial services sector in the Middle East is expected to witness further innovations and developments driven by artificial intelligence and digital technology in the near future, with Jordan Ahli Bank playing a key role in encouraging this development and promoting competition and economic growth.

The CEO/ General Manager of Jordan Ahli Bank, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hussein, shared his excitement about this integration and the bank’s commitment to innovative technologies. He emphasized the benefits of AI in customer service, highlighting faster and more accurate responses to inquiries. He also expressed his optimism in the future of AI in the banking industry, stating, “The future of banking lies in harnessing the power of technology to better serve our clients.” As the first bank in the region to adopt ahliGPT, Jordan Ahli Bank has paved the way for a new era of customer service in the Middle East banking industry.

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