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You can listen to this article by using any hearing aid tool



Get 50% off on a 3 months subscription plan

Terms and conditions

  1. Promotion Period

The Promotion will commence on 2 November 2020 and continue until 31 January 2021 (“Promotion Period”).  For the avoidance of doubt, the term of this Agreement will commence on the Effective date and terminate at the expiry of the Promotion Period (“Term”).

  1. Terms of Promotion
  • The discount can be availed by: 1) A win-back subscriber that terminated their subscription to the STARZPLAY Service, who has elected to reactivate their STARZPLAY Service and who pays for such subscription using a Mastercard card, regardless of which card type was previously used, 2) an existing subscriber who is currently paying through another payment method and who elects to change their current payment method to a Mastercard card; and 3) a new subscriber to the STARZPLAY Service paying with a Mastercard card.
  • The discount cannot be availed by a current subscriber to the STARZPLAY Service that is using a Mastercard card as payment form.
  • Only individual’s resident in one of the Territories, who are over eighteen and who hold a valid Mastercard card may avail of the Promotion.
  • The Promotion shall not be not valid with other in-house offers, discount cards, bundle promotions or vouchers.
  • The Promotion shall be limited to one use per Mastercard card. For the avoidance of doubt a Mastercard cardholder can only avail the Promotion once per Mastercard card.
  • The discount shall be for the Promotion Period only.
  • The discount is on the prevailing retail price of STARZPLAY, which may be changed at any time, at STARZPLAY’s sole discretion.
  • The discount is not valid in conjunction with any other discount, promotion or offer.
  • The discount may not be redeemed for cash.
  • The discount may be availed by new Mastercard cardholders visiting a dedicated landing page.
  • The discount is applicable only when subscribing directly with STARZPLAY on the monthly payment plan.
  • The discount will be active for 3 months as far as subscriber is active.
  • Subscriptions purchased pursuant to this offer are non-transferable.
  • The discount will become null and void once a subscription is cancelled, regardless of whether such subscriber re-activates or re-subscribes.
  • The discount is valid during the Promotion Period only.
  • The subscription cannot be cancelled by a subscriber within the first 30 days following subscription.
  • The offer can be withdrawn at any time during the Promotion Period at Mastercard or STARZPLAY’s discretion.
  • All subscribers must abide by and are bound by STARZPLAY’s terms and conditions.