Ahli Future

The first initiative of its kind in the banking industry, in collaboration

with Al-Balqa Applied University.

The “ahli future” program was launched in collaboration with Al-Balqa Applied University to empower and support their students. The program aims to enhance student’s abilities by providing them with practical experiences and labor market-relevant skills in exchange for a salary.


The program is geared toward college students majoring in computer science, programming, and artificial intelligence, as ahli bank recognizes the significance of technology in enhancing the banking experience. Students will have the opportunity to gain the required practical experience by working with a group of bank employees, thereby enhancing their resumes and preparing them for the market. During the training period, we will work to bridge the gap between educational output and labor market requirements and to motivate students to extract and develop their creative ideas.


The training of students will begin in October of this year and continue through January of the following year. The hours worked by students in this program will be counted toward their practical training requirements before graduation.


This program will provide effective platforms and resources for exceptional Jordanian youth in order to invest in them, empower them, and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve the highest levels of success.


Program requirements:

  • The students major must be computer science or programming
  • The GPA must be at least ‘Very Good”
  • Fourth-year students only

Program benefits:

  • accredited training certificate
  • Fixed salary
  • assisting with future employment opportunities
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