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Cyprus – Corporate

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Cyprus – Corporate

Our highly skilled and proficient Corporate Relationship Managers and Corporate Client Advisors will guide you effectively to continued prosperity and success, providing the best solutions in the industry.

Overdraft Facility

The Overdraft facility is a quick solution for temporary borrowing. Please consider our Loan options in case your business needs more sustainable support, which would cost you less interest in the long-run.


  • Extremely competitive interest rates charged only on debit amounts
  • Overdraft in USD or any other major foreign currency

To apply for the Overdraft facility, please visit our branch in Cyprus or the International Financing Unit (Corporate Group) in Amman, Jordan.

Commercial Loan

ahli Bank – Cyprus offers you a short-term renewable loan to finance your company’s immediate needs in USD or any other major currency.

In addition to the above, ahli bank offers Commercial Loans that can be utilized to cover commercial, investment, and industrial needs. We also offer to issue you Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, and financing investment projects and investment loans.

Project Financing

ahli bank – Cyprus offers its corporate clients financing for all kinds of capital ventures such as industrial construction, tourism transportation, trade, or real estate. Involvement can be at varying levels such as direct participation, and syndication transactions.

Moreover, ahli bank Cyprus offers different types of financing tailored to your business’s needs, including issuing Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee (bonds, Performance Bonds, Payment Guarantees), Overdraft facility, and short term loans.

Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee

If you are a business owner or a merchant, JAB – Cyprus offers you the instruments of Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee to support your financial transactions.

Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee Services

  • Letters of Guarantee: Tender Guarantee, Performance Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, and Maintenance Guarantee.
  • Letters of Credit including Sight and Deferred Payment.

In addition, we have the option to finance Letters of Credit:

  • Competitive cash margin.
  • Approval obtained within reasonable time.
  • Customization according to your terms and needs within our Bank’s policy.

For further information and assistance, please feel free to contact Cyprus customer services representative at +357 25871124 or Jordan Contact Center +962796 500 7777

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