Jordan Ahli Bank announced the launch of its new program for Mortgage loans, as part of its responsibility to provide a unique banking experience that is in line with the lifestyles of its customers and their diverse needs. The program aims to provide innovative and suitable solutions for the housing needs of customers by providing loans at a competitive prices and flexible repayment terms that contribute to achieving the customers’ dreams of owning their homes. The Mortgage loans include many new features, such as offering a cash back up to 3% of the loan value, in addition to including residents and expatriates in the campaign to ensure equal opportunities for everyone. The bank will also bear the mortgage fees and appraisal fees. On his part, the CEO/General Manager of Jordan Ahli Bank said: “This step reflects Jordan Ahli Bank’s dedication to provide an innovative banking solution that meet the aspirations and needs of our customers and embodies our commitment to achieve a unique and outstanding banking experience.

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