World No Tobacco Day!



Every year on May 31, people around the world come together to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking to our health, economy, and environment. This day is a reminder of the impact tobacco use has on individual and community health. In this article, we’ll look at how smoking in the workplace affects not just employees’ health, but also poses significant economic risks for companies and employers.


Productivity Losses

Did you know smoking is a major cause of missing work? Smokers often deal with chronic illnesses that make them more likely to get lung infections and colds. Plus, smoking can affect their focus and productivity. Studies show that smokers miss work more often than non-smokers because of illness, which costs companies money for temporary hires and covering for absences.


Increased Healthcare Costs

Smokers are more likely to get serious diseases like cancer and heart disease, which leads to higher healthcare costs for companies. Treating smoking-related illnesses puts a strain on health insurance systems, making many companies raise insurance premiums for smokers. For example, in Jordan, treating smoking-related diseases costs about 1.5 billion JOD every year.


Reduce Employee Motivation

Smoking can make the work environment unpleasant for non-smokers because of the smell and smoke, which reduce their Motivation and productivity. Research shows that non-smokers tend to feel stressed and frustrated in a smoking workplace, and this might make them look for jobs elsewhere.


Property Damage

Smoking can also cause fires at work, leading to property damage and big financial losses. Cigarettes can easily ignite flammable materials like paper and fabrics. Lit cigarettes can even start fires in trash cans and wastebaskets.


Negative Impact on Company Image

Allowing smoking at work can hurt a company’s image and reputation. Companies that let employees smoke are seen as not caring about their workers’ health or providing a healthy work environment. This perception can make some clients and investors avoid doing business with them.


In conclusion, smoking in the workplace is a serious threat to both employees’ health and company finances. By working together, we can create a smoke-free work environment, leading to better productivity, lower costs, improved public health, and a healthier, more prosperous society for everyone.


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