Jordan Ahli Bank will begin the construction of its new “innovation and shared prosperity” campus

Jordan Ahli Bank will begin the construction of its new “innovation and shared prosperity” campus

On behalf of the board of directors and executive team, I am proud to announce that Jordan Ahli Bank will begin the construction of its new “innovation and shared prosperity” campus, with a target completion date of 2025. Designed by Mixity, one of the world’s premier architecture firms, the new campus creatively embodies Ahli Bank’s ambitious strategy, core values, and community focus.  The new campus will accomplish many strategic objectives, including:

1. Unity: for the first time in decades, our Jordan Ahli Bank family of employees will unite under one roof to improve collaboration, advance corporate culture, reduce overheads, and improve customer engagement.

2. Innovation: to accelerate the evolution of our innovation programs, reflect our focus on agile methodologies, continue to flatten bureaucracy and hierarchies, and maximize “collision areas” between employees increasing chance meetings and cross pollination of ideas and ventures.

3. Employee Experience: the new campus aims to dramatically improve employee experience and continuously evolve our corporate culture into one that is dynamic, motivating and experiential. The new campus will embody many design features that will introduce functionalities and capabilities that we hope will delight our employees and enable them to work flexibly, productively and joyfully. The design will improve employee health and wellbeing, comfort and collaboration, as well as make everyone feel at home.

4. Clients and Community: the new campus is also a flexible and dynamic workspace that has been designed to be used by our customers, partners and stakeholder community. We will be developing a large rooftop garden, indoor and outdoor theatre spaces overlooking the city of Amman, a coffee shop and much more. We want our new campus to be an open, engaging, inclusive and welcoming space for all our stakeholders.

5. Our Environment: We have always been pioneers in embracing sustainability, and with our campus we are targeting a Gold LEED certification, affirming our commitment to the environment, the well-being of our country, citizens and the world.

Our ‘shared prosperity’ campus is the people’s campus, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy this new Jordanian and regional landmark.  This investment also serves as a testament of Jordan Ahli Bank’s confidence and belief in the future of our beloved country, and in the growing and exciting potential of an innovative Jordan.

Mr. Saad Nabil Mouasher

Chairman of the Board 

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