Jordan Ahli Bank launches the “Ambassadors of Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability” program

Jordan Ahli Bank has launched the program “Ambassadors of Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability,” which aims to ensure the effective implementation of sustainability standards, environmental protection, social responsibility, governance, and activities and practices by all Jordan Ahli Bank employees. This will be done by appointing ambassadors (representatives) from each department. A qualified team of employees who are aware of Jordan Ahli bank vision, goals, and the bank’s interest in sustainable development. They will contribute to creating added value from a financial, environmental, social, ethical, and economic perspective. They will also work to integrate environmental, social, and governance issues into all aspects of Jordan Ahli Bank’s work, which will contribute to achieving sustainable development and supporting global efforts to address pressing environmental and social challenges.

In response to this, the CEO/General Manager of Jordan Ahli Bank, Dr. Ahmad Al-Hussein, stated that we believe that the bank’s role is not limited to providing financial services, but rather extends to achieving sustainable development, protecting the environment, and empowering the communities we serve, and we are proud of our commitment to the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility, and we are also working hard to be a role model through our high-quality products and services, as we work to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic development. Through our sustainability strategy, we aim to achieve the common prosperity of our economy and society.

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