Jordan Ahli Bank launches “Social Integration through Music” project in collaboration with Haya Cultural Center

The Jordan Ahli Bank launched the ” Social Integration through Music ” project in partnership with the Naua Platform, a Crown Prince Foundation Initiative and Haya Cultural Center to empower and build the capacity of talented children with disabilities in less privileged areas by integrating them with the children of the Music Academy to learn theoretical and practical lessons to play instruments and make them part of the Haya Community Orchestra. This orchestra is part of the Haya Cultural Centre’s Music Academy, which includes a group of talented students who are certified by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ABRSM.

Two students will be trained through this project by offering them theoretical, individual and group classes. The certificate of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ABRSM will be obtained if the student passes the theoretical and practical exams.

This project promotes social cohesion and breaks barriers between communities since music is one of the most successful types of education. It is the universal language spoken and understood by all people, it also develops a sense of responsibility,  restraint and enhances team spirit and cooperation.

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