Jordan Ahli Bank Launches its Christmas campaign at Abdali Boulevard

Jordan Ahli Bank announced the start of its “ahli Christmas Village” campaign with an aim of celebrating the holiday season. The event is known to be staged at Abdali Boulevard where numerous prizes are offered, as well as the chance for all booth guests to enter the daily draws for a chance to win frequent cash and instant prizes. Furthermore, customers who tend to open a savings account will get immediate prizes, including a world cup football, smart payment stickers, and wearables, and entering the draw to win the grand prize of 100,000 at the end of the year. Moreover, the CEO/General Manager of Jordan Ahli Bank, Mohammed Musa Dawood, conveyed his gratitude to be a part of this event and expressed the importance of the bank’s engagement with all facets of society. In addition to the importance of raising awareness about financial savings and encouraging customers to invest and grow by offering high-quality banking products that satisfy their needs and preferences and guarantee a unique customer experience.

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