Use any of our ahli credit cards to buy from any online store and enter the daily draw for the chance to win a receiver and a subscription to the World Cup package and enjoy 3 months of free sports

Terms and conditions:

  1. The campaign starts on 1/11/2022 and ends on 20/11/2022.
  2. All transactions that exceed 20JDs will enter the draw.
  3. Each 20JDs give you one chance to win.
  4. Only E-commerce transactions carried out on debit cards are eligible for the draw.
  5. 24 receivers and World Cup package subscriptions will be offered during this campaign.
  6. One receiver and a World Cup package subscription will be offered daily.
  7. 5 receivers and subscriptions to the World Cup package will be offered on the last day of the campaign 20/11/2022.