General Terms of the Campaign

1-This campaign is valid from: 1 August 2022-31 August 2022.

2-This promotion is available to ahli Visa cardholders in Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq (all locally issued Visa cards from banks that are able of establishing Original Credit Transaction and after obtaining all relevant approvals as maybe required in each of the markets).

3. ahli Visa Cardholders will receive 10% cashback on their monthly spend on advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Eligible ahli Visa cards include the below locally issued:

  • Debit, credit and prepaid Visa cards in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
  • Debit and credit Visa cards in Pakistan

5. The payment transactions on Facebook or Instagram should be a direct transaction using an ahli Visa card and not through a wallet or 3rd party transaction.

6. No minimum spend is required for ahli Visa cardholders to benefit from the 10% cashback.

7. Cashback value amount is capped at:

  • Pakistan: $1.50 per card
  • Lebanon: $3.00 per card
  • Jordan: $4.00 per card
  • Iraq: $5.00 per card

8. The awarded cashback value amount shall be granted to ahli cardholders in the following manner:

  • Cashback amount will be transferred by Original Credit Transaction (OCT). The ahli Visa card issuer iebank should be OCT-enabled in order to be able to complete the transaction.
  • The awarded cashback value shall be accumulated after the campaign is completed on 31.08.2022.
  • Ahli Cardholder will be credited the cashback amount to their card’s account within 6 weeks after campaign completion with a statement credit message entitled “Visa Facebook Cashback”.
  • Each ahli cardholder may receive one cashback credit after campaign completion.
  • The cashback award value in USD will be credited to the cardholder in the currency of the Visa card based on equivalent value.

9. Campaign conditions are similar for Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

10. The total cashback fund is limited. Visa reserves the right to end this campaign upon the cashback fund utilization, at its own discretion.

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