The following terms and conditions shall come into operation on the relationship between Jordan Ahli Bank and any person applying for a credit card. The following words and expressions shall have the meanings ascribed thereto hereunto (masculine wherever stated herein shall include feminine):

Terms: The terms and provisions making clear how to use the Card, providing for rights and obligations of both the customer (card applicant) and the Bank, along with any amendments thereto.

Bank: Jordan Ahli Bank

Customer (applicant): Any person applying for a credit card and who will be liable for any supplementary card/cards issued upon his/her request and approval of the Bank.

Sponsor/guarantor: The natural and/or legal person who sponsors the credit card-related obligations.

Card: MasterCard and/or Visa Card issued by the Bank including the primary and supplementary card that may be used by the customer locally and globally whether for repayment of Points of Sale’s (POS) purchases and/or purchases performed online and/or for withdrawals from ATMs worldwide and for online shopping.

Primary card: The card issued for the customer (applicant) who holds an open account with the Bank in his/her name and is compliant with all conditions for opening the account with the Bank.

supplementary card: The card issued upon request of the primary cardholder for use of a person to be defined by the customer upon his/her written request, however whereby such card is linked to his/her account with the Bank.

Cardholder: Any person to whom the card has been issued for his/her personal use upon request of the customer (applicant) including primary cardholder and/or supplementary cardholder.

Card account: The account opened with the Bank for dealing with the card and entering all credits and debits received or incurred by customer.

Balance of card account: Total debit/ credit balance of the credit card account (total balance used and due and payable to the Bank in accordance with the Bank’s records as of the credit card’s statement of account inclusive all expenses.

Due credit card account’s balance: The payable debit balance due to the Bank based on the Bank’s records as of the date of the card account’s statement including interest, commissions, charges, and expenses.

Credit card account statement: The account statement detailing debit and credit transactions, balance of the credit card account and product of the card’s use. This statement is to be mailed on monthly basis by ordinary mail to the customer to his/her known address.


Personal identification Number (PIN): The PIN number is the number given by the Bank to the primary cardholder and/or supplementary cardholder that would authorize the cardholder (applicant) to use ATMs for cash withdrawals and inquire about his/her Card’s balance and use it on ACH that requires PIN numbers.

Credit card limit: Maximum amount a cardholder is allowed to spend using a credit card in accord with the credit policies accepted to the Bank. It stands for the max limit of total amounts spent for customer’s local and/or global purchases and/or online purchases and/or cash withdrawals from ATMs as provided for in these terms and conditions in this application. The card’s limit may be increased/decreased upon consent of the Bank.

Monthly payment: The monthly amount to be repaid by the card applicant. It accounts for the prescribed rate of total obligations of the card applicant by minimum required limit. Such prescribed percentage as required by the card applicant could be 100% of total obligations and/or 5% of total balance of the card account already used or JD 10 whichever is greater.

Transaction: Any amount debited on the card’s account because of using it whether for local and/or global and/or online purchases and/or cash withdrawal and/or commissions and/or charges and/or expenses and interest on the card or others, whether they were debit or credit transactions.

Closing date: The date by which all card debits and credits are summed up.

  1. Interest:

The monthly interest: an interest by 1.75% to be calculated on the Transactions used from the credit card limit in line with the following formula:

Transaction value x duration (No. of days) x 21% / 360

  1. Commissions:

Late payment charge: 10 JD

Over- limit fee: Commission by 1% and minimum JD 10 of over – limit amount, and 1% by minimum USD 15 for Dollar Cards shall be charged.
Cash withdrawal commission: 4% minimum by JD 4.

PIN commission: JD 5.

Additional statement of account fee:

  • For less than one year as of the application date JD 0.25 per page.
  • For more than a year as of the application date JD 0.5/page.

Life insurance comm: JD 2 a month.

Commission for delivery of the credit card/PIN abroad: JD 25.

Charge Back: JD 5 and shall be charged back to a customer If the objection is valid.

Credit card reissue fee: JD 10 for all credit card types.

  1. Fees: fees are calculated as shown hereunder

Annual subscription fees for primary credit card:

  • Ordinary Silver card – JD 25.
  • Gold card– JD 50.
  • World MC Card – JD 75.
  • World Elite MC card – JD 120.

Annual subscription fee for supplementary card:

  • Ordinary Silver card – JD 15.
  • Gold card = JD 25.
  • World MC card – JD 50.
  • World Elite MC – JD 60.

It is understood and agreed that the interest rate and/or commission will be modified by written notice addressed to the customer at his approved address and which is included in the card application, according to the prevailing interest and commission rates in the event that laws, regulations or instructions are issued allowing the bank to do so. And amending the subscription fees in case it was modified by the card-issuing company.

  1. The customer and sponsor shall accept repayment of the balances due from the use of the credit card in compliance with these terms and conditions.
  2. The customer may perform early repayment at any time upon his/her own volition without any commissions or conditions.
  3. It is understood and agreed that the withdrawals to be repaid via installments are those performed within the credit card limit as stated by the Bank. The customer shall repay any over -limit amounts and/or any previously outstanding payments on the due date as set by the Bank and shown on the card statement and to effect all over -limit commissions and interest provided for in these terms and conditions.
  4. The Bank shall provide the customer with a release if so, requested after 45 days from full repayment of the used card balance and revocation.
  1. The Bank may cancel the card should the customer breach these terms and conditions along with cancellation notice to the address known to the Bank as shown on the issue application. The Bank’s deliverance of the above release to the customer’s known address whether by ordinary mail and/or e-mail or SMS shall account for due notification.
  2. The Bank may forthwith cancel the credit card without the need to resort to court in the following cases:
  3. The customer, as it came to the bank’s knowledge, is found to be among the Any restricted list.
  4. Any of the documents provided for credit or among the guarantees and pledges found to be invalid.
  5. The entire balance of the card is immediately due for payment and the Bank is entitled to claim from both the customer and sponsor for restitution of the whole balance.
  1. In the event that the customer breaches his obligation to pay any amount due from him/her under this application on its due date or breaches any other obligation, the Bank may cancel the credit card, and to notify both the customer and sponsor at their known address in this application, taking into consideration all amounts owed by the customer arising from this application or due to  tracking the performance status shall be payable at once. If this is the case, the Bank may charge delay interest on the amounts due along with the amounts that are due under the performance status and thus payable at the acceptable interest rate and delay penalty as of due date and up to final settlement.
  2. Should the customer and/or sponsor cease to meet their obligations, the Bank may add their names to the interbank list of designated blocked persons. The customer’s name and/or the sponsor’s name shall remain listed up until final settlement of the overdue amounts. The customer and/or sponsor shall waive their right to return to the Bank for any right whatsoever along with their rights to claim compensation from the Bank based on the foregoing.
  3. The customer and sponsor shall authorize the Bank to communicate with any person to inquire about them in case of delay or non-payment and without any objection on the part of customer and sponsor over the Bank’s action.
  4. The Bank has the right to take any legal action on any of the guarantees provided by the customer or sponsor to secure the debt whether real estate and/or vehicles and/or any other properties.
  5. The customer and sponsor acknowledge and agrees that the Bank is entitled to authorize and/or delegate any attorney -in-fact and/or law-firm for collection of any due amounts owed by the customer and the consequent interest, commissions and expenses in the event of default.
  • All accounts currently opened in the name of the customer or to be opened in the future with the Bank or any branch thereof whether inside Jordan or abroad, are considered guarantors of each other irrespective of their various titles. The Bank has right of concession on the accounts and may merge them in whole or in part, deduct the credit account in either account to cover the debt balance in another account, freeze credit balance in any account until the customer settles his/her obligations in full to the Bank. The customer authorizes the Bank to make clearing and deduction of the credit balance and make entries, settlements, and transfers from any accounts opened or to be opened in the customer’s name with any of the Bank’s branches inside Jordan or abroad .
  • All funds, securities, commercial papers , precious metals, commodities, and other rights of any kind currently deposited or to be deposited in the customer’s name with the Bank or with any of the Bank’s branches inside Jordan or abroad shall be lien to the Bank’s as guarantee of the customer’s obligations to the Bank whether direct or indirect without the need for respective acknowledgement. The Bank shall have the right for restitution of its entitlements and satisfaction of debts directly from the funds referred to by way of clearing in priority and preference over any other creditor without the need for any notice or any other legal action.
  • The customer and sponsor admit the Bank has the absolute right to assign all or part of its rights relating and/or resulting from the credit card and/or any part or installment thereof to any other party.
  • The customer and sponsor acknowledge that there is/are no obligation/obligations on either one that would affect the Bank’s credit decision for granting the credit card.
  • The customer and sponsor acknowledge that any tolerance on the part of the Bank, implicitly or expressly, over the maturity dates of credit card balance repayment as shown in these terms and conditions or any of the Bank’s other rights, shall not affect the effectiveness of the terms and conditions in full against them. The Bank’s tolerance may not be construed as waiver of its rights or a reduction of them.

  1. The customer and sponsor acknowledge that all communications and notifications linked to the credit card and/or any amendments thereon and/or cancellation and/or suspension for any reason, addressed to him/her by the Bank and at the address shown on top of this application or latest address notified by the borrower and sponsor to the Bank And according to the agreed method of notification on whether by ordinary mail and/or e-mail and/or SMS, shall be valid and effective producing all its legal effects. Change of address of the borrower and/or sponsor may only be legally forceful from date on which the Bank received change of address -notice. All notifications, notices, and warnings given to the addresses shown on this application shall be true and duly delivered as the customer believes such address is deemed an elected one. The customer and sponsor agree to consider any communication or notification given to their addresses on this application or as agreed as a valid means of notification for communication of any notifications or warnings referred to in this application, and that any notice or warning given through such means shall be legally effective and valid even if not received by the consignee/recipient.
  2. In the case of altering residence or domicile, the customer and sponsor shall notify the Bank in writing accordingly maximum one week after moving to a new domicile. Failing, sending any notice, or warning to the borrower and/or customer at their address for service shall be duly delivered, and forms sufficient evidence for receipt. The Bank’s records constitute adequate evidence to this end.
  3. The SMS sent by the Bank to the approved phone number previously given by the customer shall be deemed as duly delivered

Should the customer change his/her phone No., the Bank should be immediately be notified of the new No. for approval, otherwise, the customer shall be held liable for failure to notify the Bank and thus all notifications given to the previous phone No. shall be valid.

  1. It is well understood and recognized by the customer that any notice and/or warning given to the customer by the Bank shall be duly delivered to the sponsor producing the legal effects and the customer’s address stands for the elected address for service to the sponsor as well.
  1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws, regulations, and directives in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  2. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Amman Court of First Instance and Enforcement Directorate of Amman Court of First Instance (Justice Palace) shall exclusively, and/or any other court at the discretion of the Bank consider any dispute arising between the Bank and customer and/or sponsor irrespective of nationality of either one, even if such dispute arose out of a transaction performed through the credit card abroad. The Bank may prosecute and sue the customer and/or sponsor in any country where he/she is resident of or in which he holds property, moveable, or immovable, or in which he exerts certain business. Should the Bank fail to take legal actions in any country, that would not prevent it from taking any other legal actions and measures concomitantly in any other country or countries.
  3. Should the Bank take a legal action against either customer or sponsor or both, they shall incur and bear all legal fees and other expenses of that case along with 10% of the claimed amount as attorney fees.

The sponsor acknowledges that he/she guarantees severally and jointly with the customer and/or any other sponsor all obligations and amounts owed to the Bank under these terms and conditions whatsoever kind or cause. The sponsorship includes the amounts being charged on the account for which the credit card was granted in any way, the debit balance on that account or any other account. The sponsorship or guarantee is a current one and ceaseless and unconditional, irrevocable, and unalienable, whereby the Bank may claim the guarantor for indebtedness balance arising from using the credit card together with accessories in terms of interest or expenses, commissions, or fees or any increase to the credit card limit of whatsoever value or other amounts without any objection. The said guarantee shall remain in force and uninterrupted and legally enforceable should this agreement be extended or amended for whatever reason. Should the indebtedness balance be scheduled or rescheduled, the guarantee shall remain in force without the scheduling or rescheduling be coupled with approval of the guarantor so that the Bank can satisfy all its rights from the secured customer. It is understood that all properties, securities, commercial papers, commodities, and precious metals and other rights of any kind and currently listed or deposited or to be listed or deposited in the guarantor’s name in the future with the Bank or any of their branches in Jordan and abroad shall secure obligations of the guarantor under this guarantee without a certain acknowledgment to this end. The Bank is entitled to regain and satisfy its entitlements and debts directly from the earlier stated properties by way of clearing, priority, and preference to any other creditor without the need for notice or warning or any other act, however without prejudice to the Bank’s right to take any other actions to the discretion of the Bank with a view to satisfy its rights in full. The Bank as well may debit any current account or to be opened in the guarantor’s name with the Bank or any of its branches whether in Jordan or abroad, the indebtedness already secured by the guarantor. Furthermore, all provisions of these terms and conditions shall extend to the guarantor. The guarantor undertakes and pledges to provide the Bank with any data about its financial position or annual budget provided his/her response is documented. 

  • It is understood to the guarantor and customer that the Bank is entitled to cease the customer’s life insurance after 12 months or 360 days from defaults date.
  • The customer and guarantors unquestionably agree that all funds, bonds, shares, valuable things, and properties owned by him whether under the Bank’s possession or those deposited with the Bank in his/her accounts and/or safe deposit boxes whether in the Bank’s branches in Jordan or abroad as guarantee of repayment owed to the Bank under these terms and conditions, i.e., principal, interest and expenses. Further, the customer and each of the guarantors irrevocably and irreversibly authorize the Bank to dispose or sell all and/or part of these properties to collect its dues from the sale proceeds and repayment of the ongoing outstanding obligations under these terms and conditions when it’s due. This clause accounts for authorization from the customer and guarantor to the Bank to this end.
  • It is understood and recognized herein between the Bank and customer and sponsor that the Bank, is entitled to perform intra-account clearing between credit accounts of customer and guarantor and between overdue installments in case such value is not available or insufficient in the primary account that is connected to the granted credit. This clause is regarded as authorization from the customer and guarantor to the Bank to do so.
  • In the case of cash collateral, the customer authorizes the Bank to hold and retain the amount of cash collateral in JD and/or equivalent in foreign currency into cash collateral account and the realized interest to be added to the cash collateral account to account for cash insurance in return for the granted card provided such amount shall continue to be held and retained by the Bank, in the name of the Bank and/or any other account the Bank may find fit under the Bank’s absolute disposal until all required and claimed obligations are settled in full.
  • The borrower – customer and guarantor- understands that the customer’s life insurance is non-mandatory to the Bank and thus the latter may suspend and/or reactivate it According to its internal policies regarding insurance without consent of the customer. The life insurance accounts for additional collateral that may/may not be used by the Bank. Should the insurance company reject including the customer in the policy and/or remove him/her for any reason, the customer or his/her heirs may not object such decision and that would not preclude from claiming from the customer and guarantor, and the Bank is not held liable for not paying the policy price once it is due for any reason while the customer and guarantor shall remain liable for repayment of the owed money.
  • It is agreed that failure to receive the statement of account should not be construed by the customer as argument for non-payment of amount on the date of they are due.

The customer and guarantor shall irrevocably authorize the Bank to repay all due amounts owed by them for using the card whether in Jordan or abroad in addition to any due expenses or commissions to MasterCard in foreign currency based on the current sale price of JD vs foreign currency as of the date the Bank receives the statement or relevant invoices from the dealer to MasterCard.

  • The customer and guarantor shall irrevocably authorize the Bank to automatically renew the card upon expiry unless the Bank is notified in writing otherwise at least one month prior to the expiry date without incurring additional cost.
  • The customer and guarantor shall irrevocably authorize the Bank to debit the card account with the Bank the annual subscription fees in addition to all-other expenses, interest, and charges. In case of absence of such account with the Bank, the customer and guarantor undertake to immediately repay the due amounts once notified and with no need for any other action.
  • It is understood and recognized that the customer may at any time request to cancel the subscription of any of his/her credit cards granted to him/her upon written notice issued to the Bank. In this case, sponsored by the guarantor, if any, the customer undertakes to return the card being property of the Bank. However, it is understood that cancellation of the card and/or cards does not waive the customer and guarantor’s liability to the Bank and shall remain in force for no less than 45 days after date of cancellation of the credit card and/or cards. In any event, that liability shall remain valid until all obligations arising from using the card and/or cards are finally settled.

In the event the Bank accepts the issuance of (primary/supplementary cards), the customer shall be fully liable for the withdrawn money and shall cover such due withdrawals along with the accrued interest, commissions, and other charges. To this end, the card shall be treated as the primary card.

It is understood and agreed that using the card shall render void when any lien is places on the customer’s monies and/or guarantor’s monies whether via a judicial lien or any other mortgage irrespective of kind or source, or once a liquidation order has been issued whether voluntarily or mandatory or declaration of bankruptcy or cessation or inability to pay or in case of demise. Nevertheless, the obligations resulting from use of the card shall be immediately payable and customer shall be notified at his/her known address for service. Such notification shall be considered due notification and the Bank holds no liability accordingly. In this case, the card account balance along with the commissions, interest, expenses, and charges shall be payable at once.

The Bank has the right to provide the Central Bank of Jordan and/or MasterCard or any entity having authority to request information under the law, with any statements on the account Transactions of MasterCard of the customer (card applicant).

  1. The customer and guarantor hereby certify that all of the information provided in this application to the Bank is correct and they hereby undertake to promptly provide the Bank with any additional or new information that may emerge. They irrevocably authorize the Bank to verify any information and inquire about it from any person whosoever or any entity, whether official or non-official regarding this matter.
  2. The customer and guarantor certify entirely that they severally and jointly agree to regard all amounts, properties, stocks, shares, and financially valuable things of either one, whether those under possession of the Bank or deposited therewith as security to repay all dues resulting from using the MasterCard. They authorize the Bank to dispose or sell such securities at any time, to perform intra-account clearing between any of their credit accounts with the Bank and the amounts owed by them. In case of multiple accounts and different currencies, they authorize the Bank as well to exchange the currencies as required and in the manner and at the current price without any need to refer to either one. The provisions of this card shall apply to the customer and guarantor who are bound to carry them into effect severally and jointly and they apply to the customer in the absence of the guarantor.
  3. The customer and guarantor acknowledge their compliance with the instructions and regulations of MasterCard and the effectiveness of these conditions in the event of the increase or decrease of the set card limit. They further, acknowledge their obligation to pay amounts likely imposed to the Bank subsequently by MasterCard i.e., fees or commissions, or others. Carrying on using the card represents acknowledgement of acceptance of amendments.
  4. The customer acknowledges that he/she has viewed the conditions and card benefits and is well versed in all services being rendered by MasterCard. Further, he/she absolves the Bank from liability arose or may arise from using such services. Discharge from liability shall include, for example but not limited to (unavailable services, failure to provide them satisfactorily to the customer or cardholder, failure to pay indemnification, compensation underpaid, delayed compensation, unavailable at travel area, high cost of rendered medical or legal services). Any legal right allowing him/her to return to the Bank in connection with any of these benefits and/or services is waived.

It is understood and agreed that the card remains under the full property of the Bank at all times and should be returned to the Bank upon its request provided that  such does not affect the customer’s obligations prior to returning the card to the Bank no matter the delay of receiving it from the party where the card was used for purchasing to return it.

  • The Bank automatically reactivates the Card for online use not exceeding the card limit. whereby such action would stand for authorization to the Bank by the customer.
  • It is understood and agreed that the use of the card for online shopping transaction or through mail or phone, the customer, under security of the guarantor, shall be held liable for the transaction and the Bank holds no liability for any wrong use whether with and/or without the customer’s knowledge of such use or for negligence or due to acts of Cyber-vandalism, and/or a use that led to debiting the card account, through date of notification to the accepted address for service.
  1. The bank has the right to place any quantitative restrictions on the number or the limit of electronic transfers of client funds, provided that the client (the applicant for the issuance) is notified of a maximum period of fourteen days prior to making this amendment.
  2. The Bank may perform temporary amendment it may find imperative to safeguard security and safety of the customer’s account, or security and safety of the electronic transfer system per se Whenever the need arises as an internal regulatory order of the bank. If such amendment is intended to be permanent, the customer would be notified using the agreed-on methods in these terms and conditions within no more than 14 days from making the amendment however without any financial obligations to the customer.
  3. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article “twenty”, the customer may set his/her card limit (card limit, increase of limit, decrease of limit, revoke service) to perform online shopping transaction or through mail or phone, by contacting the call center or Bank’s e-channels provided the limit is not beyond the original credit card limit.
  • The customer may file a complaint with the Customer Complaint Handling unit in the event of a complaint on the services or products rendered by the Bank.
  • The information and data provided by the customer and guarantor within the contractual relationship framework shall be governed by the provisions of banking Secrecy being provided for in the in enforceable Banks Law without detracting the Bank’s right to exchange information based on the Credit Information System Act (CISA) and the Banks Law.
  • The second party (customer)/ third party (guarantor) hereby admits that all information provided to the Bank is correct. They undertake to promptly provide the Bank with any additional or new information that may emerge. They authorize the Bank to verify any information by inquiring about it from any entity or bank for this matter.
  • The Bank hands the card over to the customer through its branches or by acceptable carrier companies by the Bank and according to the method of delivery approved by the bank.
  • The Bank shall send SMS to the approved mobile phone number of the customer informing him/her about the withdrawal Transactions or disbursements made by using the card. The customer may object to such Transactions within a maximum period of 45 days from the date the SMS was sent.
  • The Bank shall provide a monthly statement to the customer showing the performed transactions on the card. The statement includes the payable amount (payment), due date of payment, interest rate, objection period against any transaction mentioned in the statement, objection mechanism, and reporting of any mistakes. Sending the statement to the customer’s known address in this application and in any agreed-on method is considered duly delivered.
  • In the case the customer object a transaction he/she is informed of as set in the clauses above or set in the statement of account, the Bank shall investigate the matter and notify the customer as soon as the appeal against the disputed Transaction has been proved and confirmed. Accordingly, the Bank shall pay back the disputed amount once the claim is substantiated. The Bank may charge certain incurred expenses provided for in these terms and conditions should the claim be disproved. Such will extend to similar Transactions performed through debit card or banking transactions through online cards
  • It is understood and recognized that the card’s PIN number replaces the written signature in certain uses. Therefore, the Bank accepts no liability for any loss incurred by the customer and/or the cardholder for card handover and/or divulging the PIN number to others deliberately or by chance
  • It is understood that the Bank is not responsible in any way for the inability of using the card for any reason beyond the control of the Bank. In case of any dispute emerging between the customer and/or cardholder and any dealer, another bank, financial institution or any other person, the customer’s liability to the Bank will not be affected in any way from such dispute or any counter claim or clearing right to the customer against that dealer, other bank, financial institution or any other person.
  • The customer (applicant) understands that the Bank renders ATM card contactless and Point of Sale terminals without inserting the PIN number up to certain amount determined or amended only by the Banks management at any time, thus the customer waives his/her right to object such Transactions once the customer provides the card for such transaction, he/she is deemed to have waived the insertion of the PIN number and such is deemed an approval by him/her to perform the transaction.

The customer and guarantor severally and jointly undertake as follows:

  1. The card is limited to the personal use of the cardholder within the authorized limit and not over exceeding the
  2. To comply with taking all indispensable actions and precautions to preserve and safeguard the card, the PIN number, and accept total liability for using the PIN number and the consequences of loss and/or theft and/or use of it in contravention of these terms and conditions, and simultaneously indemnify the Bank for damages or losses it suffers whatsoever.
  3. In the case of loss or theft, to notify, via a written letter to the Credit Cards Department with the Bank and/or call direct call center and/or any authority nominated by the Bank in the future provided the notified body should be introduced to the circumstances surrounding loss and/or theft of the card while accepting total liability for all amounts resulting from using the card up to the date of the notification over the loss or theft of the card. The Bank shall cease and suspend the concerned card or disbursement after being notified of the card loss in line with the notification mechanism regardless of the method of reporting, whether in writing or through the call center.
  4. To settle the account balance over monthly installments each of no less than 5% of total card’s debit balance or JD 10 whichever is greater. In the case, a monthly interest of 1.75% will be charged on the unpaid amounts from the card account.
  5. The periodic statement of account is to be regarded as correct unless a written objection has been filed at the Bank from the customer against the statement or details within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of statement provided to the known address of the customer in the application form for Ahli credit card.
  6. Terms and conditions of the Ahli credit card application form along with the information and data shall form integral part of the application and read with it as one. In case of contradiction and conflict between the application terms and these terms and conditions, the provision has a higher benefit to the Bank shall be applicable, simultaneously the remaining terms and conditions remain effective.
  7. The Bank undertakes to provide the customer with, in addition to the credit card, the phone No. as means to call in case of loss of the card. The phone No. is available around the clock.
  8. The Bank may amend any clause of the terms and conditions at its sole discretion in the event granting the card is associated with a condition/ conditions set by a third party. The customer should be notified of the new conditions by any of the approved communication methods as provided herein.

These terms and conditions have been executed and made in Twenty-three articles including this one. The customer and the guarantor declare that they individually have adequately and sufficiently viewed these terms and conditions prior to signing them, they understood and clearly perceived and digested them. Each of them was given enough time to go through these terms and conditions and has agreed to its contents. He/she shall totally and wholly and irrevocably comply with their articles. Signing of the last page and/or any page of these terms and conditions shall stand for their signatures on each page as being regarded as one unit and for acknowledgment of receiving copy of the terms and conditions.

In witness whereof, the customer was provided a signed copy of these terms and conditions along with any papers and notifications. The customer’s signature on the above terms and conditions accounts shall be deemed as acknowledgment of receipt.

This is to confirm I have read viewed and identified the terms and conditions for issuance and use of Ahli credit card and accordingly I agree to abide by the concerned articles along with the clauses of this application form, that the terms and conditions shall extend to all my cards with the Jordan Ahli Bank and that the information within the form is true, correct, and complete. I further confirm and reassure that all information and data provided in this application form true and correct and absolve the Bank of any liability for any error or mistake therein.

This contract is considered part of the general terms and conditions for accounts opening, and the terms and conditions apply to this contract in matters not stipulated in it.

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