Terms and Conditions for Issuance of Debit Cards for Minors Accounts:

1.   The Bank may issue a Debit Card to the accounts of the minor under guardianship as per the bank’s internal approved policy.

2.  The guardian undertakes to use the Card in accordance with the minor’s interest whether in withdrawals, deposits or transfers, or in conducting any Banking transaction by means of it.

3.  The Debit Card shall under no circumstances be issued for trusteeship accounts.

4. The Debit Card of the minor’s accounts shall automatically be stopped when the minor reaches the legal age and according to the applicable laws without reference to the guardian (parent).

5.  The guardian (parent) undertakes to protect and keep safe the Debit Card and the PIN and shall acknowledge the correctness of the balances, statements and notices issued by the Bank.

6. No additional Card may be issued against the minor’s account (except the Card issued to the guardian).

7.  In the event of death of the minor (God forbid), the guardian must notify the Bank directly and all electronic services granted to this account shall be suspended.

8. The guardian undertakes to sign an acknowledgement of the correctness of the balances and the actions taken by him/her/it during his/her/its period of guardianship for the account when the minor reaches the legal age.

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