Special Terms and Conditions Concerning (Ahli Mobile) Service:

1. These Conditions are considered integral part of the General terms and Conditions set for Electronic Banking Services. In case of conflict, Ahli Mobile conditions prevail.

2. It’s understood to the Customer that the Bank will provide 2 pin codes, to be used for only (1) time, then the Customer will be asked to set (6) digits private pin code to be used every time he wants to enjoy the service.

3. It’s understood to the Customer that in case of losing or failure of the mobile and he is willing to substitute it, he needs to apply for a new issuing of the service.

4. In case of Customer willing to have this service in more than one device, he accepts and approves all transactions done on any of their devices, and the Bank will consider it as transaction done from the same Customer.

5. The Customer acknowledges that he received officially the pin codes without need to have his signature on the receipt.

6. The Bank bears no responsibility in the event of irregularity or discontinuation of the service or the inaccuracy of the information provided.

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