Special Conditions for Electronic Transfers:

Whereas the Jordan Ahli Bank has initiated the service of electronic money transfers from a Customer’s account to other accounts within Ahli Bank, whether these accounts belong to the Customer himself/herself or to other Customers, and, Whereas the Customer wishes to avail himself/herself of this service; The Customer hereby concedes to the following:

1.  These Special Conditions are an integral part of the General Conditions set for the Bank’s services: Ahli Online (Online Banking), Ahli Phone, Ahli SMS and Ahli Electronic Transfer and Ahli Mobile Service. 

2. To conclude a transfer, the Customer enters the account numbers to which he/she wishes to make the transfer through Ahli Online, provided those accounts are not accounts whose holders refuse to accept third party deposits and money transfers.

3.It is understood by both parties (the Bank and the Customer) that the transfer transaction, if executed successfully, is irrefutable by either of the two parties. The transfer shall be considered as correct and legally valid upon completion of the transfer process.

4.The Bank may reverse the entries in case the beneficiary refuses to accept the value of the money transfer. Furthermore, the Bank shall not be held liable in case it rejects the money transfer.

5.The Customer concedes that the transfer transaction has been executed at his / her own responsibility and that the Bank is not held liable for any potential error in the value of the transfer, time of executing the transfer, or the beneficiary’s account number.

6.The Customer concedes that the Bank is not party to any contractual or non-contractual relation between the Customer and the holder of the account to which the money transfer has been affected (the Beneficiary). Furthermore, the Bank shall not assume any liability of whatever type or cause that may result from any relation between the Customer and the Beneficiary. It is to be understood that the role of Ahli Bank is confined only to providing the service and facilitating the money transfer transaction.

7. Electronic transfer includes but not limited to Transfers between the Bank Customers and / or Bill Payments and / or Request for Bank Cheque and / or Request for Swift Transfer and / or any other services shall the Bank add in the future.

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