Saving Account Terms and Conditions:

1.    The balance of the account shall not fall below the minimum specified by the Bank for interest calculation purposes; otherwise no interest will be credited to the account.

2.   the Customer shall have the choice whether to have credit interest paid or not to his (saving account) by stating:

3.   The calculation of Interest will apply to the minimum monthly account balance, and in the event the account was closed before the agreed upon term, the interest calculation will be on the minimum monthly account balance of the preceding month and will be credited on closure date.

4.   The Customer authorizes the Bank in advance, in the event of him winning a prize from the Saving Accounts Prizes, to announce through all available media the winners names and account numbers, and to permit the use of personal photographs, and to conduct personal televised interviews with him and to broadcast it, the Customer acknowledges that the prize is to be paid in accordance with the pertinent regulations applicable by the bank.

5.   In the event the Customer ( beneficiary of the prize) is a minor, the value of the cash  prize will be credited to his account ,and the legal guardian and or custodian may withdraw the amount of the  prize and within the scope of the authority granted thereto as per the certificate of guardianship or custody, the father shall be considered a guardian by law and does not require to provide guardianship certificate .And  in case the prize is  an (in kind award) , the same shall be presented  to the minor in person  and in the presence of the guardian thereof \or legal guardian and\ or custodian.

6.   In the event of the Customer (Winner of a prize) not claiming the prize within 9 months from the date the announcement was made the prize shall be cancelled and the winner shall not have the right to claim it or claim the value thereof from the bank.

7.   In the event of Customer’s death (beneficiary) before the draw date, and Bank was not notified of the fact at the time, the deceased beneficiary shall not be eligible to receive the prize. And in the event of Customer’s death (beneficiary) after the draw date, the prize shall be presented to his legal heirs and shall be distributed as per the instructions applicable by the Bank.

8.  No employee of Jordan Ahli Bank can be a beneficiary of a prize (Winner of a Prize) from any of the Saving Accounts Prizes.

9. The Customer acknowledges the right of the Bank to suspend the prizes program or to amend the value, frequency, and type thereof as per its sole discretion and without referring to or notifying the Customer.

10. In the event of Customer’s death, the calculation of credit interest on saving accounts shall be suspended.

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