Ramadan Campaign

Terms and conditions

  • Campaign is valid from 17/03/2023 until 22/04/2023
  • Customers get 20% cash back during the campaign period
  • There is no minimum amount for any transaction, total amount spent during the campaign period should not be less than 80 JOD’s to benefit from the cashback
  • The maximum cashback for each customer is 50 JOD’s during the campaign period
  • The campaign includes POS transactions only, which are classified under the following categories:
  1. Supermarkets
  2. Military and civil consumer establishment
  • Cash withdrawals and online transactions are excluded from the campaign
  • The campaign includes local transactions only
  • The customer’s card must be active as the cashback will not be credited if the card gets cancelled
  • The cashback amount will be credited to the primary credit card account
  • The campaign includes MasterCard credit cards of all types issued in JOD for individuals (World MC Elite, World MC, Gold & Standard), whereas cards issued to companies are excluded from the campaign.