Launching the "ahli Future" program in partnership between Jordan ahli bank and Al-Balqa Applied University

Proceeding from the belief of  Jordan ahli bank in the great role of the banking sector in supporting the youth category and qualifying them for the labor market, Jordan ahli bank, in cooperation with Al-Balqa Applied University, launched its (ahli future) program to empower and support the students of Al-Balqa Applied University, which is the first of its kind at the level of the banking and educational sector in the Kingdom Where the program targets students of disciplines related to computer science and programming, it will also work to develop students’ abilities by providing them with practical experience and providing them with the required skills while they are in study, which contributes to preparing them to enter the labor market.

Jordan ahli bank has established a student training center on the campus of Al-Balqa Applied University to provide the students with the techniques and equipment they need and provide them with all the appropriate conditions through the creation of a training program that gives them the opportunity to obtain accredited certificates, in addition to the opportunity to work during the training period with a group of employees to acquire the required practical experiences in a way that enriches their CV and qualifies them to enter the labor market. The training of students will begin during the month of October of this year and will continue until January of next year. The working hours that students will spend in this program will be calculated within the requirements of practical training before graduation.

Commenting on this, the CEO/General Manager of Jordan ahli bank, Muhammad Musa Daoud, expressed his pride in implementing this “ahli Future” project, saying that we will work through it to provide effective platforms and means for distinguished Jordanian youth, in order to ensure that we invest in them, empower them and provide them with knowledge. and the skills needed to get them to the highest levels of success.

In his turn, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ajlouni, President of Al-Balqa Applied University, welcomed this initiative from Jordan ahli bank and praised the strong relationship between Al-Balqa Applied University and Jordan ahli bank. In qualifying students for the labor market and providing them with the necessary skills, in line with the university’s vision and mission.