ahli Bank issues its third Sustainability Report

Sustainability Reports

Jordan Ahli Bank has published its third Sustainability Report in both Arabic and English according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards / Core Option. The report highlights the direct activities and operations in various economic, environmental and social fields during 2019. It also states that Jordan Ahli Bank is committed to sustainability management related to operations and planning that serve stakeholders in line with sustainable development goals 2030, announced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Mohammad Daoud, CEO of Jordan Ahli Bank, expressed his satisfaction about the results of the report which reflect the pioneering position of the bank. He said: “We, at Jordan Ahli Bank, believe in the importance of the sustainability of our operations and long-term objectives. We also are committed to integrating sustainability into our banking and financial operations and creating greater value for our stakeholders.

In 2019, we developed the Department of Social Responsibility to be called “Social Responsibility and Sustainability Programs” ensuring that our sustainability approach is integrated into our business strategy and developing a long-term sustainability strategy for the bank. This resulted from our belief that the banking sector is capable to face the economic, social, environmental challenges, moreover, we are committed to enhancing the diversity and comprehensiveness to help create a better future for our customers and our communities. ”

Ahli Bank is known for the transparent standards it adapts as one of the few institutions in the Kingdom through applying the concept of sustainability across the Bank’s financial operations to achieve its ‘Shared Prosperity’ strategy that ensures the highest value-added to all stakeholders.

In line with our vision, “shared prosperity” is at the heart of our third sustainability report and is symbolized by the pomegranate fruit. The pomegranate, with its many small seeds, represents a life of abundance and prosperity that ahli bank is committed to building. Through our sustainability approach we invest in our local communities to make a positive change and work to strengthen society by promoting innovation, empowering youth and education and safeguarding culture. We promote shared prosperity with increased financial inclusion to create a better future for our customers and communities.

The report included the achievements of the year 2019; the most important of which was the opening of the Abdali Boulevard branch in its new look, which is characterized by its modern design, digital technologies and the latest innovative banking products in a contemporary environment and open spaces to ensure the greatest flexibility and interaction with customers. The new branch offers an exceptional experience and the first-of-its-kind model in the local banking sector for customers. Furthermore, WhatsApp for Business Service was launched to stay in direct contact with clients round the clock.  

The bank started relying on the Power Station established by the Bank in 2018 with a total solar energy consumption of 75%, while the fuel consumption decreased  by 8%, electric power decreased by 15% and paper consumption decreased by 4.4%.

The Customer Satisfaction Rate recorded 79%, the number of customer complaints decreased by 53%, and more than 1.1 million automated transactions were carried out in 2019, via Internet channels, mobile phones, ATMs and e-Fawateerkom. 40% was the percentage of female employment, while 36% was the youth employment. Moreover, the second phase of AHLI FINTECH Hackathon and ahlibot Service (the first online chat in the Kingdom in the Kingdom) reached to 32,000 users.The bank will continue to work on digital innovation, financial inclusion and environmental protection.

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