Jordan Ahli Bank and Tkiyet Um Ali renews their strategic cooperation agreement

Intending to stand by 100 needy families living in extreme poverty in the various governorates of the Kingdom to face societal challenges, especially those imposed on them as a result of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, Jordan Ahli Bank renewed its cooperation agreement with Tkiyet Um Ali, where the agreement was signed by Tkiyet Um Ali General Manager, Mr. Samer Balkar, and the Chief Executive Officer/ General Manager of the Bank, Mr. Mohammed Musa Daoud.

This partnership comes to achieve the sustainable development goals on the ground by securing monthly food parcels for the beneficiaries throughout the year, as the parcels contain various basic foodstuffs to meet their nutritional needs throughout the month, in addition to offering many and varied volunteering opportunities for the Bank’s employees through the volunteering program “We are all Family”, which in turn promotes the social solidarity culture and equality among members of society.

Commenting on this regard, the CEO/General Manager of Ahli Bank, Mr. Mohamed Mousa Daoud, stated, “We are proud of our years-long partnership with Tkiyet Um Ali, during which we worked closely together, as we appreciate the role that Tkiyet Um Ali plays in helping us to reach out and deliver food aid to those who deserve it effectively and efficiently by the tireless efforts of its cadres and the high flexibility it characterized with, which contributes to making a more positive impact on the local community.

As the General Manager of Tkiyet Um Ali, Samer Balkar Said: “We thank Jordan Ahli Bank for supporting the TUA’s sustainable food aid programs, which will directly contribute to providing sustainable food aid to one hundred needy families who cannot secure their daily nutritional needs in the various governorates of the Kingdom, this enhances the bank’s role in achieving the sustainable development.” He added: “We are proud of our partnership with Jordan Ahli Bank, which confirms t their firm belief in TUA’s vision towards a hunger-free Jordan.”

Tkiyet Um Ali currently provides sustainable food aid to 20,000 families living in extreme poverty in all governorates of the Kingdom, by delivering to them monthly and year-round food parcels, which contain 19 food items that meet their nutritional needs throughout the month.