How can I apply for a housing loan?

You can apply for a housing loan by providing customer services at any of our branches with the following:

  • Proof of identity (National Identification Card).
  • A recent salary certificate for the last two months showing the client’s salary details and any deductions entailed, or a salary slip for bank employees.
  • Documentation of any additional income to be included in the calculation of income.
    A written commitment stating the continuous transfer of salary to the bank, as well as any dues deserved by the employee in case of conditional salary transfer according to the model authorized by the bank, or models authorized by Governmental or semi-governmental organizations.
  • A bank account statement of the last 6 months, or period of employment, whichever is shorter.
    Proof that the client has spent a minimum period of employment.
  • An initial selling contract, a copy of registration deed, a land plot sketch, site plan, and works permit (in case of construction).
  • Property evaluation or construction cost evaluation from the bank’s authorized evaluator, attested from the Real Estate Circle.you can read Housing Loan: Begin a new life in your new home for more info

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