Housing Loan

Begin a new life in your new home

If you wish to own your home, or build a new house, or even renovate your existing one, the Jordan Ahli Bank Housing Loan offers you flexible options to finance your new home.

250,000 JOD
Maximum loan amount for buying or building
Of estimated value to be financed
300 Month
payment period
Loan Features

The maximum loaned amount can reach up to 250,000 JOD for buying property or construction, 100,000 to expand, and 50,000 for maintenance.

Financing amount can reach up to 90% of estimated value or market value for buying (whichever is lower) and 100% of for construction, expansion, or renovation.

Loan terms for buying, construction, and expansion can reach up to 300 months for salaried customers from the public and private sectors and up to 240 months for expatriates, professionals, and self-employed individuals. The renovation loan term can reach up to 96 months.

Multiple family incomes are considered in case a married couple wishes to take a joint loan.

A grace period for the first payment for buying can reach up to 6 months (excluding expatriates), up to 12 months for construction (3 months for expatriates), and up to 12 months for expansion or renovation. Also, 6 months deferred interest for renovation loan and 3 months for expatriates.


Minimum loan Value
5,000 JOD for buying, construction, expansion and 3,000 JOD for renovation
Minimum Loan Term
12 months Early settlement option
Minimum Income
Public sector employee: 200 JOD, Private sector employee: 300 JOD, Expatriates, professionals, and self-employed: 2,000 JOD
Maximum Debt Burden Ratio
Public and private sector salaries: 50%, Expatriates, professionals, and self-employed salaries: 40%
Minimum work experience
Private sector: 12 months, Public sector: 3 months, Municipal: 2 years in a permanent position Professionals and self-employed: 2 years
21 years or above and Below 70 at the end of the loan term, Below 60 for expatriates
Other Conditions
Not listed on any official Blacklist
How to get the Loan
Total Amount of Payment
Monthly Payment
Annual Interest Rate
  • A valid national identification card for Jordanians.
  • A valid passport and residency permit for non-Jordanians.
  • Proof of income.
  • A copy of initial selling contract.
  • A copy of land registration deed.
  • Land plot sketch.
  • Site plan.
  • Property evaluation or construction cost evaluation from the bank’s.
  • Salary slip or certificate of the last 6 months.
  • Bank account statement for the last 6 months.
  • Social security enrollment proof.
* Subject to bank’s terms and conditions
* The bank reserves the right to ask for further documents if necessary
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