Al Ahli Special Deposit Account

Preserve your savings and get a fruitful monthly return

Save in Jordanian Dinar and receive a rewarding monthly income regardless of the term

Competitive interest rate
for the whole term of deposit
1 - 5 years
Term durations
Transfer interest to another account
At the end of each month
Deposit Feature

The minimum deposit to open an account is 5,000 JOD, and the maximum limit is 250,000 JOD

A fruitful Return charged to your account every month

A long term Credit Save account from 6 months up to 3 years

Option to transfer interest to another account every month, as per client’s request.

Option of borrowing against deposit at very competitive interest rates.


Withdraw from account
Client cannot withdraw any amount until the end of the term.
Close the account
In case the client wishes to close the account before the term has ended, upon agreement of the bank, the client will bear a penalty calculated according to the parameters set in the rules of opening a Special Deposit Account.
Client must be above 18 years
How to get the Deposit
  • A valid national identification card (Jordanians).
  • A valid passport and residency permit (non-Jordanians).
* The bank reserves the right to ask for further documents if necessary.
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