Finance your personal and familial needs, develop professionally, and achieve all your goals to lead a stable and prosperous life with Jordan Ahli Bank’s wide array of differentiated Loans

Al Ahli Zero % Installments Program

10,000 JOD
Maximum financing amount
36 Months
Installments term

Personal Loan for Professionals and Self-employed Individuals

Up to 50,000 JOD
10 times monthly salary with collaterals, or up to 25,000 JOD without collaterals
48 Months
Maximum loan term without collaterals or 60 months with collaterals

Car Loans

75,000 JOD
Maximum loan value
Financing for new cars and 80% for used cars, Financing Percentage

Housing Loan

250,000 JOD
Maximum loan amount for buying or building
Of estimated value to be financed

Personal Loan against Salary Transfer

70,000 JOD
Maximum loan value
120 Months
Maximum loan term

My Family Loan

70,000 JOD
Maximum loan value
120 Months
Term of loan

Personal Loan against Real Estate

200,000 JOD
Maximum loan amount
120 months
Maximum loan tenure

My Salary in Advance

70% Overdraft
Of transferred salary after deductions
3 Months
Minimum period of regular salary transfers

Credit Save Loan

50,000 JOD
Maximum loan amount
120 Months
Maximum loan term

Go-Green Loan

Zero percent
interest and in cash value