Business Overdraft Facility

Generate additional liquidity for your business at the lowest rates


Receive the “Business Overdraft Facility” in Jordanian Dinar or any other major foreign currency

Withdraw and deposit freely according to your needs.

No charges on unused amounts.

Simple application process.

Interest is charged monthly on account according to outdrawn amounts.

Uses of the “Business Overdraft Facility

It is advised to use the “Business Overdraft Facility” when your business has a temporary financial shortage. It can be a very helpful tool in managing seasonal changes in cash flow.

Business Overdraft Facility applies to

Small and medium businesses that face a funding gap while managing their working capital, especially when obligations need to be paid before collecting from customers.

*Bank Terms and Conditions apply

Jordan Ahli Bank grants small or medium enterprises an ideal short-term borrowing solution: the “Business Overdraft Facility”. This enables you to exceed the available balance in your company’s current account, within a specific limit approved by the Bank. Your cash flow is budgeted and liquidity becomes available immediately, while interest is calculated on the daily outdrawn balances.

How to get the service
  • Beneficiary’s bank statement of the past year.
  • Financial statements of the last 2 years.
  • A valid professional license.
  • A valid certificate of registration.
  • Other documents might be required according to the type of company.
* The bank reserves the right to ask for further documents if necessary
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