Ahli Brokerage Company

Jordanian company specializing in brokerage at Amman Stock Exchange. It is owned by Jordan Ahli Bank.


Ahli Brokerage is a subsidiary that was registered in 2006 as a private limited company with a current paid up capital of 3 million Jordanian Dinars, wholly owned by Jordan Ahli Bank; a leading bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Specialized in offering financial brokerage services, trading all types of financial market securities (Equity and Debt) in Amman Stock Exchange.

Ahli Brokerage attained a leading position among Amman Stock Exchange’s brokerage firms where it  achieved record numbers and was  repeatedly ranked among top brokerage firms in the stock exchange.  

Relying on its capability and high credibility, Ahli Brokerage built an extensive client base, holding major local and international financial institutions, publicly held corporations, and major individual and corporate investors.

Operated by a specialized team of highly qualified licensed brokers, attaining sufficient knowledge and experience, Ahli Brokerage successfully provides its clients with unsurpassed brokerage services, professionally and adequately.  

Clients are provided with direct separate access to their portfolios, in addition to integrating the banking services offered by the Jordan Ahli Bank.


Our Vision

To serve as a leader and innovator among brokerage firms operating in the local market

Our Strategy

  • To meet the evolving needs of our discriminating clients, leveraging all available tools and resources in order to achieve their desired objectives
  • To provide an integrated technological platform that delivers efficient and precise brokerage services

Our Values ​​and Principles

  • Credibility: Building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, based on trust and transparency
  • Team Spirit: Working as a team to achieve a strong competitive advantage in the market
  • Integration of Services: Employing a comprehensive range of procedures to guarantee accurate results
  • Scientific Methodology: Formulating policies and recommendations based on scientific research and practical experience, in order to excel and stand out
  • Human Capital: Achieving the highest level of qualified and professional human resources, through refined recruitment practices and by encouraging the continuous training and development of our team members 


Contact Us

Ahli Brokerage
Shmeisani - Prince Shaker Bin  Zaid Street
Ahliya Building for Securities # 50 – 3rd Floor
Phones: +962-6-5624471 - +962-6-5624361
Fax: +962 6 5624362
Email: info@ahlibrokerage.com

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- Amman Stock Exchange

Securities Depository Center

- Ministry Of Finance

- Central Bank Of Jordan

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply