Ahli Platinum Debit MasterCard

gives you the luxury of payment and cash withdrawal directly from your account anywhere at any time

10,000 JOD
Daily purchasing limit
3,000 JOD
Daily withdrawal limit
5 Years
Card validity period

Issue the card for free

Your card is accepted locally and internationally

Absolutely no interest or extra charges for any transaction from any location in the world

Our cards are issued according to the highest security standards, preventing the threat of forgeries

 Airport lounge access

Enjoy free membership which grants you access to over 25 regional and international lounges across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, and more.

Please refer to “ www.mastercard.com/platinum/ ” and click on “Lounge Locator” under “Travel benefits” to find eligible lounges under “Loungekey” program.

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