Overdraft Facility

Covering your cash needs at any time

The ideal way to begin new business ventures or get extra cash at competitive interest rates

Service Features

The overdraft facility is offered at competitive interest rates, making it an ideal solution for extra cash needed when starting a new project or facing unexpected expenses.

The overdraft account can go into credit (like a current account) or debit, in order to cover your need for short-term financing.

Interest is charged on outdrawn amounts only.

The (maximum) credit limit is annually renewable upon Bank’s approval.

Overdraft Facility

Develop your business or launch your new project with Jordan Ahli Bank’s Current Account Overdraft Facility that enables companies to borrow cash every once in a while to finance their working capital. A (maximum) credit limit is set to the account for cash withdrawals and deposits, after analyzing the client’s needs to cover gaps in the working capital.

Using the Overdraft Facility

In order to avail banking solutions for the benefit of your business, it is best advised not to use the Overdraft Facility on a regular basis as a main source of borrowing. It is a good option when you need a small amount of extra cash every now and then, but if you find yourself depending on the overdraft monthly or regularly; consider taking a regular loan to get your finances back in order. A regular loan will cost you less in the long run, as the resultant interest rate will be lower than the Overdraft Facility. 

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