Ahli Corporate Features

The best banking and financial solutions for the corporate sector, ensuring progress and prosperity in all your business and investment ventures

Jordan Ahli Bank is proud of its unique set of features specifically designed for corporate organizations. Our exceptional services and products cater to all your commercial and investment transactions, locally and globally.

Corporate Features

Supporting Services and Products

Jordan Ahli Bank and all of its branches offer a range of additional supporting services and products catering to our clients’ needs. We offer highly integrated banking services in collaboration with the Ahli Investment, Ahli Capital, and Ahli Personal Banking divisions, including “My Business” and “Exclusive” services.

Jordan Ahli Bank’s Supporting Services and Products include Initial Public Offerings (IPO), bonds, financial evaluation and analysis, and wealth management. In addition, we offer payroll services and personal loans to corporate and investment employees.

Specialized Corporate Relationships Management Team

In order for you to get our utmost attention, we have dedicated a team of specialized Corporate Relationships Managers assigned to each individual client and trained to cater to all the client’s banking needs, including customized insurance advisory.

Our Corporate Relationships Managers, who are trained and experienced in trade finance, commercial credit, contracting, or international business, are selected according to their credentials to cater to each client’s individual needs. Ahli’s CR Managers are the best client-bank mediators, possessing the skills and prowess needed to provide you with services and guidance guaranteeing the prosperity of your business.

Dedicated Corporate Branch

Jordan Ahli Bank is proud to be the first bank in the Middle East to establish a branch solely dedicated to corporate clients; one of our many consistent efforts to innovate and develop our banking services. Our Corporate Branch is a one stop shop where corporate clients can get banking and advisory services under one roof, with internet and fax-machine access. The Corporate Branch consists of elegant waiting rooms, offices, and meeting rooms where you can meet with your dedicated CR Manager, or book for a private business meeting. The Branch also showcases our acquisitions of ancient, Nabatean, Roman, and Ottoman currencies.

Corporate Banking Offers and Products

Jordan Ahli Bank offers a range of sophisticated products that cater to the various needs of our corporate clients, and comply with the most recent international banking standards. These products include:

  • Commercial Loans
  • Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee
  • Overdraft Accounts
  • Promissory Notes
  • Financial Leasing
  • Syndicated Loans

Regional Presence

In order to facilitate corporate activity, Jordan Ahli Bank has branches in Palestine and Cyprus, as well as Jordan. We anticipate offering our corporate banking services on a regional level.

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