Jordan Ahli Bank and Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsibility towards our society

We work with a strategic, long-term vision based on principles of social, environmental, and economic responsibility with which we hope to positively impact as many people as possible from the different social backgrounds and sectors, and to provide new opportunities for the people and the youth.

Support and Sponsorship Request

We are aware of the nature of your work and the challenges that may face Small and Medium Enterprises.

We aim for the highest growing returns, a stable and productive professional career, a wide range of new banking products, excellent services and moderate rates.

The Numismatic Museum

The Jordan Ahli Bank Numismatic Museum is a specialized museum with collections that span over 2,500 years. The oldest coin dates back to the year 600 B.C.E, and the latest ones include recent commemorative editions.

Over the years, Jordan Ahli Bank’s commitments have exceeded the limitations of banking, coming closer to responsible and sustainable social and environmental development by aiming at various sectors and aspects of society. Ahli Bank supports sectors that have proven work in sustainable development such as creating initiatives, activities, and effective programs. Ahli Bank as provides up front support for a strategic long-term visions to make an impact on a wide array of social sectors through expanding, developing, and differentiating its private operations with its corporate social responsibility in line with its strategic financial goals, fulfilling the social, environmental, and economic needs.

Accordingly, Jordan Ahli Bank’s contributions, both solely and in collaboration with a number of civil society organizations, have covered various sectors that cater to the needs of society and youth which can be summarized in these five basic centers of work:

  • Community Empowerment 
  • Youth and Education
  • Environment
  • Innovation
  • Art and Culture