Jordan Ahli Bank finalizes “Gender Audit” Project to ensure “Gender Equality in the Workplace”
Jordan Ahli Bank finalizes “Gender Audit” Project to ensure “Gender Equality in the Workplace”
February 2019
Social Responsibility

Jordan Ahli Bank has recently announced the results of “Gender Audit” Project conducted by “Freedom House” Organization in collaboration with the Embassy of Netherlands in Jordan. The study aimed at reviewing and analysing the bank’s work environment, policies and regulations considering employees, as well as the corporate culture in terms of gender equality in Jordan including hiring, career development, rights and privileges for both genders.

The agreement between Jordan Ahli Bank and Freedom House was signed during the last quarter of 2018, to be the first bank in the Kingdom to conduct this kind of social audit. The study included human resources’ information for three consecutive years since 2015, as well as e-questionnaires, personal interviews and discussion groups with a number of male and female employees.

Mr. Mohammed Mousa Daoud, CEO and General Manager of the Bank commented on these results saying: “We are proud to be one of the leading banks in Gender Audit in Jordan and the Region; we broadly achieve opportunities and outcomes for women as equally as for men in our quest to empower Jordanian women”. He added that 40% of the bank’s employees are women – a satisfying percentage compared with other competitors in the banking sector which is 34.6% and way advanced than in the public sector which is around 15%.

It is worth noting that Jordan Ahli bank enjoys a work environment that bestows a fair balance between work and personal life with a turnover rate for women of 7.6% compared to 7.4% for men, while percentages were equal for both genders in terms of opportunities in training and development programs. The percentage of women who were promoted was 45% compared to 55% for men.  The Bank has followed the study’s recommendations to implement a number of initiatives and projects that ensure a distinguished work environment where efficiency and creativity are embraced. The Bank reflects a true belief in empowering women in decision-making positions.

In cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Jordan Ahli Bank is keen on improving career development programs that increase the number of women occupying senior management positions.