The Jordan Ahli Bank SME Academy Unit

The Jordan Ahli Bank SME Academy Unit’s vision stems from the belief of the large potential of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Jordan to seize growth opportunities. It is through such economic growth and developments that social impact is greater both on themselves, as well as their societies. The SME Academy Unit’s vision is to support such growth through supplying expert know-how knowledge and trainings. It aims to achieve this through its vision to bring subject expert matter in the fields of Financial management & Planning, Marketing & Sales, and Soft Skills & HR to train owners and managers of SMEs, who are key to their companies’ success. It also seeks to help facilitate more interaction and collaboration amongst the SMEs themselves by also organizing networking events at which a key speaker would be invited to speak on a current topic of interest to the SME community.

In this respect, the SME Academy Unit was established by the Jordan Ahli Bank in June 2012 with its formal aim to provide a comprehensive program of trainings, workshops, and specialized forums that caters for enhancing the administrative capacity of the SMEs in the mentioned areas of Financial, Marketing and Soft Skills. In turn, this should enhance the competitiveness environment, and serve to enhance the profitability of SMEs, and their continuity, which, in turn, would enhance the economic development of Jordan.