• Definitions:

    The following word and phrases shall have the same meaning ascribed to them hereunder unless the context otherwise dictates:

    Bank: Jordan Ahli Bank or any of its branches.

    Account Holder, Customer,

    and Client: any natural or juridical person(s) who deals with the Bank in relation to any of the accounts as specified in this form and who signs this form and the application for account opening and the application for a Debit Card / Cards in his capacity as the Account Holder or a party to the Account, whether such account is a joint account or an additional Cardholder.

    Account: the account or accounts opened with the Bank in local or any other currency, interest bearing or non-interest bearing.

    Expenses: All stamp duties, post, telephone, telegraph, telex, transportation and travel, and notification charges, foreign exchange differences, collection fees and commissions, all other banking costs and commissions, any fees (including legal and expert’s fees) and/or any other expense the Bank may incur as a result of litigation, arbitration and enforcement of judgments and securities.

    Account No.: The Bank shall assign a number for each Account, which shall be used by its holder on all the correspondences with the Bank in relation to said account, and for any withdrawal or deposit and other operations (from or into the account).

    Electronic Services: The electronic services listed in these Terms and Conditions which are rendered by the Bank to the Customer.

    Debit Card: An electronic card that is used and granted by the Bank whether with local, international or regional trademarks which enables its holder to withdraw cash from the ATMs of the Bank or of other banks (in the event of existing agreements for the use of such a card through other ATMS, whether locally or internationally), in addition to cash deposit service or payment for purchases through direct debit from the holder’s account, as this Card can be used only for the amount available in the account / linked accounts’ balance.

    Personal Identity Number (PIN): A four-digit number that is given to the Customer either by a sealed envelope, by text message on his / her mobile phone number, or manually entered by the Customer on a (PIN PAD) device for use simultaneously with the transaction executed by the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that his/her use of the PIN is equivalent to his/her signature or authorization to allow the Bank to debit the account with the amount of the transaction.

    PAW (Payment Applications World): An account that it is opened to natural and juridical person(s) and is free to withdraw and deposit at any time through electronic channels, and it is not allowed to give the account holder a cheque book, does not receive credit interest on this account and is considered the least expensive for the bank.