• Declaration Regarding Standing Instructions Orders:

    1. The Customer acknowledges and understands that in case of no sufficient balance existed in its account (external automatic payment only) in the number of pre-determined occasions as set by the Bank; the Bank may terminate its instructions.
    2. The Customer acknowledges and understands that any fees become due on its account (including any commission, post or stamp duties) and shall be debit of its mentioned account without any objection from the Bank.
    3. The Customer acknowledges understands that the Bank shall bear no responsibility for any loss or delay that may affect any transfer or dispatch and / or any request of monies or (in case of any wire transfer) of any errors, or distortion that may affect the dispatch of any message or the interpretation thereof upon receipt, and the Customer agrees to compensate the Bank for any transactions, lawsuits, legal proceedings, requirements and / or requests that may result from such loss, error, omission, distortion or misinterpretation.
    4. The Customer authorizes the Bank to assert any information and / or documents requested by any other entities, that the Bank has right to notify in accordance with respective law or transaction or services nature provided by the Bank or requested by the Customer, and the Customer also authorizes the Bank to exchange information or documents with other banks or if needed pursuant to the AML regulations adopted locally or internationally.
    5. The Account of individual institutions owned by individuals is considered the same as accounts opened by the owners of these individual institutions and the authorization issued by the owners of these institutions will be consider binding on their personal accounts as well as their individual institutions accounts.
    6. The Customer will take full responsibility of any occurring risk in the event he accepts to send instructions to conduct transactions using Fax or Telex or Phone or E-Mail, and the bank shall bear no responsibility for any occurring risk resulting in acting on customers request sent by any of the above-mentioned means.
    7. The Customer undertakes to provide the Bank with all requested documents and within the specified period set by the Bank otherwise the bank has the right to close all Customers’ Accounts.
    8. The Bank does not bear any responsibility for filling out the data in terms of the beneficiaries’ account numbers or the IBAN or their full names. The Bank is not responsible when the other bank to whom it is transferred refuses not to record the amount in the beneficiary’s Account due to a mistake in the data or for any other reason.
    9. The Bank does not bear any responsibility if the name of the beneficiaries is mentioned on any of the lists approved by the Bank who are prohibited from dealing with them, whether internal, local, regional or international.
    10. The Bank and its employees work according to the normal working conditions, therefore the Bank or its employees do not bear the slightest responsibility in any circumstances that lead to delayed execution of the standing order or loss or damage and arise from causes outside its control, and the Customer bears all risks related to each process of executing the standing order.
    11. The Bank has the right to choose the methods of executing the standing order in the manner it deems appropriate.
    12. If the date of execution of the standing order coincides with a time outside of the normal working hours and/or during a holiday, then the working day following the holiday shall be considered the date on which the standing order is executed.
    13. In the event that the balance is insufficient to cover the amount of the standing order and the commissions on the execution date indicated, the Bank has the right to implement or not implement the request on that date.
    14. The Customer is personally liable in the event where the Bank is exposed to any liability on the part of any person or entity and for any reason arising from the order to execute the standing order.
    15. Cancellation of any instructions must be based on a request from the Customer, to be delivered to the Bank seven working days before the date of the standing order.
    16. The Customer relieves the Bank of any responsibility or obligation towards it and / or towards the beneficiary if the payment order cannot be executed due to insufficient funds in their Account or due to the issuance of a decision to seize the Account from a competent authority or for any other reason beyond the Bank’s control.
    17. In the event that two consecutive payments are due without payment due to insufficient funds in the Account, the Bank shall have the right to consider the payment order null without the notification to the Customer or the beneficiary of the cancellation. The Bank may collect late payments from any deposits subsequent to the maturity date, provided that this does not exceed the due date of the last payment.
    18. The Customer understands and agrees that in the event that the total amount to be paid is not specified and the request date of   stopping the payment is not specified, the Bank is authorized to continue executing the standing order if there is sufficient balance in the Account until a written notice is received from the Customer to stop the execution.
    19. The Bank or its employees shall not bear any responsibility in the event of non-execution of the standing order in case the balance of the Account transferred from it is insufficient and does not cover the execution value of the standing order and commissions that have been determined despite the availability of a balance in another account, whether in Jordanian dinars or in a foreign currency.
    20. The Bank does not bear any responsibility in the event that the transferring Account Holder refuses the transfer and / or requests to return the amount.
    21. The Bank has the right to charge all fees, commissions and differences in currency conversion at the rate it deems appropriate and in accordance with the Bank’s internal regulations and instructions every time the transfer is made.
    22. The standing order(s) shall be suspended or canceled without authorization from the Customer and according to the following:
      1. By a decision of the branch manager and/or the department to which the Customer belongs to in the event that two consecutive standing orders are due without sufficient balance for implementation.
      2. With the expiration date of the last payment, and there is more than one outstanding payment due.
      3. By the end of the due date of the last payment.
      4. If the Customer’s Account is suspended due to (death or seizure of the balance by a decision of an authorized authority).
      5. The beneficiary has refused the payment order and upon written notice of receipt of the payment (s).
      6. By a decision from the Bank directly without providing reasons.
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